10 Stupid Indian Ads That Are Absolutely Dumb

Most of us get annoyed when we are watching TV and then there are ad breaks that show those same boring commercials, however, sometimes watching ads can be even more fun for all the wrong reasons. There are stupid Indian ads that are nothing but plain dumb and make you question who came up with all this.

Here is a list of 10 such stupid Indian ads which were too dumb to be true –  

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1. JK Cements – Bikini Girl ad

To start off the list we have to mention this legendary ad by JK Cements. The commercial shows a bikini model coming out of the water. Yup, that’s the whole ad, nothing about this connects to what the product really is and makes you question what was the point of this.

2. Rajnigandha – East India Company ad 

Pan masala ads are in themselves a separate genre of silly commercials, this one by Rajnigandha is no less. The ad starts with a supposedly rich businessman considering which new company to buy when he finds the perfect business venture, buying East India  Company! 

Yup, you saw that right, he decides to buy the East India Company, takes over the company, has some pan masala, and gives it to the British guy standing next to him as well. This ad is not only dumb but alters history as well.

3. Rajnigandha – Hotel Auction ad

While we are at it, here’s another masterpiece ad by Rajnigandha. This commercial opens up with an auction for a hotel and serious bidding is going on when our protagonist with the power of Rajnigandha pan masala in his hands enters the room and bids for 500 million dollars! The reason? Well because he wanted to buy it as a gift for his Father who worked there as a bellboy before. Again ending on the happy note of eating Rajnigandha masala and giving it to the foreigners. 

4. Bangur Cement – Sasta Nahi Sabse Accha ad

This ad by Bangur Cement is groundbreaking (pun intended). In the ad, the walls made of this cement are so strong that a bulldozer intended to crush it gets destroyed! I guess the makers of the ad were huge Rajnikanth fans. With amazing CGI and a superhero who looks like he is wearing a raincoat, this ad is a treat for the eyes. The ad ends with the now viral meme of a white guy randomly saying, “Accha nahi sabse accha” in a typical British accent. This got to be one of the most stupid Indian ads you will ever see.

5. Wild Stone – Train coach ad 

Most Indian deodorant ads have been straight-up sexist and just focus on how these products will help you attract girls. This ad by Wild Stone is no less and shows a woman in a train trying to catch a guy’s attention because he has used this deo. (Guys, that’s not how it works)

6. Harpic – Smart choice ad

Imagine you are going about your day like usual when suddenly a guy comes to your house with a camera team and mic in his hand and asks you to show your toilet, in the Harpic ad universe that’s totally normal. Harpic ads have created a niche of their own by these stupid and dumb ads which somehow have made it unique to remember as well.

7.  Colgate – Toothpaste Mei Namak ad

Colgate ads are also similar in that way as they have quite silly, dumb ads but have somehow stuck with many and have become quite memorable. Yet no one knows how having salt in your toothpaste is useful. 

8. Fair and Handsome – Hi Handsome ad

This ad by Fair and Handsome is not just another stupid Indian ad but quite problematic as well, showing a  preference for a lighter skin complexion and also depicting men’s skin to be ‘tougher’ and hence cannot use ‘women’s’ cream. The ad ends with girls surrounding the guy because he has now a lighter skin tone as if that’s the only thing women look for in a guy. 

9. Rajshree Pan Masala – Swaad Mei Soch Hai

In case you thought we were done with pan masala ads we have got one more for you,  this one by Rajshree Masala. These ads start with actor Annu Kapoor giving a nice social message and then having pan masala, because that’s what heroes do. In this ad the message is to not drink and drive because you could die in a road accident, instead, you should have pan masala and die from cancer. 

10. MTR – Rava Idli ad  

This ad by MTR starts with a background of a mythological battle between two characters,  yup you read that right. The battle is fierce with both archers sending arrows that are absurd when the hero shoots a packet of MTR idli and it lands on the opponent’s mouth and he wins. Whatever this mythological story is I really want to see a feature film of this.  Who doesn’t want to see vada pao and chole kulcha used in a battle?  

Bonus – Rin – Career Academy ad

Ever wondered why it is important to study English in school other than being able to communicate well, find better jobs, etc.? Well so that one day you could humble a rich businessman by asking him not to judge a book by its cover. This is a great ad for English classes but I don’t think a good one for a washing bar. 

Congrats! You have survived watching the most stupid Indian ads. I am pretty sure you are either laughing or wondering what is the meaning of life right now. That’s it for now, hope you had fun going through these ads.

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