7 People Who Left The ‘Default Way’ To Make It Big In Life

“Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you”

Life is often uncertain and never how we would like it to be. However, one always writes his/her own destiny. There are two ways to lead your life. The first way is to choose the default way that life offers you. And the other way is to choose what your heart wants, break the stereotypes, battle hurdles and achieve the impossible.

Let’s take a look at the story of 7 famous people from Indian who shunned the default way and made it big in Life.

1. Sushant Singh Rajput

2. Chetan Bhagat

3. Dr Neharika Yadav

4. Biswa Kalyan Rath

5. Fauja Singh

6. Arunima Sinha

7. Bhuvan Bam

Inspiring, isn’t it?
Take a pledge to say no to default and go for bigger and better things in life this festive season.

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