12 Super 30 Meme Templates Which Are Simply Funny AF


One of the biggest box office hits of the year 2019, Super 30 managed to collect over INR 200 Crores at the box office. While the movie resonated with the audiences, Super 30 Meme templates also broke the internet with several netizens and memers using the scenes and dialogues of the movie to tell about everyday life situations and news events.


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We bring you some of the most funny Super 30 meme templates on the Internet you will absolutely love.

1. When the guy wants to marry after passing the UPSC exam
GF: Tab tak hamara saara beauty chala jayega

2. When Marwari son refuses to sit in their family shop:
Raja ja beta raja nahi banega

3. Nobody:
IPL Trophy to RCB every year: Agle saal fir try karna

4. Coronavirus to masks and sanitizer: Aisa star banayenge ki poora duniya dekhega

5. Me in the first week of the month v/s Me at the end of the month:

6. When Instagram takes down your influencer profile:
Hum hi banaye hain tumko aur mitayenge bhi hum hi


7. Corona Virus after March 2020: Humko bas itna pata hai ki hum ab rukenge nahi

8. Friend: She is not like others
Me:Itna flat kaise ho sakte ho bhai

9. Cars in Rohit Shetty movies be like: Jab samay aayega uncha chalang maarenge hum

10. When PCB invites other teams to Pakistan to play against them: Ka hua??? Darr Gaye?

11. When B tech first year students come to college
Seniors: Maarnege 10 ginenge 1

12. When you are friend zoned by your crush: Pratibha diya par sadhan nahi diya

Which of these Super 30 memes templates did you find the most hilarious and relatable? Do let us know in the comments below.

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