If Superheroes had Indian Moms

Moms are God’s gift to mankind. But Indian moms are a lot more special. They are the fountains of eternal love and affection. But they are also savage AF. Just try losing one of their Tupperware dubbas and you’ll find out for yourself. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like if your favorite superhero had a desi mom? Look no further ‘cause we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover what these superheroes’ lives would be like with humari pyaari Indian moms.


1) Maybe she can convince him to wear his chaddi inside next time

2) Solving crimes can wait when there is ironing to be done

3) Even Makdi Maanav can’t escape the Indian mom’s wrath 4) Why? 4) Did you fire the maid?
5) Now we know why Batman is always so serious
6) Because you have to be sanskaari
7) Household chores come first. Always and forever
8) Bas ek last bite

Say whatever, Indian moms are the best and their mamta knows no bounds. As long as you never miss her phone call. Ever.

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