These Posters Will Bring Back Your Sweet School Memories


Memories from your school days are the fondest. Rushing to make in time for the morning assembly. Sharing your lunch with your gang. Making fun of your teachers. Playing pranks and then getting caught. Waiting eagerly for the midday break so that you could go out and play with your friends. The list goes on and on.


Take a walk down the memory lane as we bring to you the little things and tender emotions from School Time – the most beautiful days of our lives. This one will hit you right in the feels and make you call your school friends right away!

1. When a simple rubber band and folded paper made us the deadliest criminals of the class.

2. That excitement of keeping aside your pencils and start writing using pens!

3. The legend said that the blue part could erase ink marks. Legends are not always true!

4. Birthdays: 
Whole Class: 1 Toffee
Best Friend & Teachers: 2 Toffees

An unwritten rule of every school

5. There was a little fear in every child’s mind while purchasing a 30 cm ruler

6. The teachers thought it was a punishment


7. When a little innovation helped our shoes shine white.

8. When hours were spent in the scorching heat trying to become a champion at this game

9. Free periods & pen fights became synonymous with each other!

10. Learning this was an art in itself!

Really, nothing can come even close to these precious moments. We could trade anything to relive our carefree school days. What’s your fondest memory from your time in school? Let us know in the comments below!

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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