7 Most Thought Provoking Dialogues From The Movie Tamasha

Some movies engulf the viewer in a trance and encapsulate the spirit of the director. Tamasha is a movie about the loss and rediscovery of the self. It captures the beauty of life in the sense that the protagonist undergoes a transformation and breaks free of the mundane and sloppy everyday life to follow his long lost dream of being a storyteller. Here are the seven most thought-provoking dialogues from the movie Tamasha:

1. As Simple and rebellious as that

2. That moment when Piyush Mishra scolds beautifully

Darta hai? darr lagta hai, apni kahani mujhse puchta hai. kayar tu kisse darta hai. Bata, bol apni kahani, Kya hai tere dil ke andar?

3. What is Tamasha without this dialogue!

Vahi kahani fir ek baar majnu ne liye kapde phaad, dekh tamasha beech bazaar

4. Ved, giving us negativity goals.

Ek din mujhe pata chala tha ki santa claus nahi hota, bahot bura laga tha. Par kya karein hota nahi hai, yeh love, soulmates aisa kuch nhi hota..

5. Split personality disorder goals!

ye tum nahi ho ved ye sab nakli hain. main vo don thodi naa hun tara vo to acting thi. Vo main ek role play kar raha tha aur ye me real me hoon.

6. Ranbir and his dialogue delivery *bows*

Husn hajir hain, Mohabbat ki saja pane ko koi patthar se, haa koi patthar se, na mare mere dhin dhinchak dhinchka dhin dhin dhin!

7. You’ve GOT TO read between the lines.

tujhe to pyaar hogaya hai pagli par kissi aur se.....

The movie has some of the best set locations that were shot in Corsica and the beaches of the Mediterranean. Tamasha is not your everyday Bollywood staple movie, it is a blend of fun and emotions that make it one of the best movies of 2015.

Let us know what you think about the movie.

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