10 Powerful Dialogues From ‘Thappad’ – A Movie We Needed


One of the progressive movies in recent times, Thappad is the story of Amrita (Taapsee Pannu) who files for a divorce when her husband slaps her. It is the story of the society normalizing domestic violence and how the society considers ‘just a slap’ no reason to call off a relationship or marriage. Directed by Abhinav Sinha, this movie is a powerful take on the patriarchal society and a woman’s right to respect and dignity in the society. Along with powerful performances, Thappad has also has a few hard hitting dialogues.


We bring you the most hard hitting and powerful dialogues from Thappad.

1. “Just a Slap par maar nahi sakta.” 

This dialogue from Thappad sums up the whole movie and its message

2. “Company me itne invested the, you could not move on. Maine toh apni puri life invest kari hai tumhari saath, kaise kar lun move on?”

3. “ Uss ek thappad se mujhe woh sari unfair cheeze saaf saaf dikhne lagg gayi jisko main undekha karke move on karte ja rahi thi.”

A dialogue that every victim or witness of domestic violence would relate to.

4. “It’s not about them. It’s about me.” 

5. “Thoda Bardasht karna sikhna chahiye auraton ko.” 


This line probably sums the attitude of a large portion of the society when it comes to domestic violence.

6. “Jod ke rakhni padi koi cheez toh matlab tooti huyi hai na?”

7. “Zyaada Jaroori sawaal yeh hai ki aisa hua kyun!”

8. “Kai baar sahi karne ka result happy nahi hota.”

9. Thodi bahut maar peet expression of love hi hai na Sir!


10. “Usne mujhe maara; pehli baar. Nahi Maar Sakta. Bas Itni si baat hai aur meri petition bhi itni si hai.”

Probably nothing can influencer the Indian society more than a good Bollywood movie. Releases like Thappad is the need to today’s hour to cause the society to reflect upon several issues. Which of these dialogues from Thappad happens to be your favorite. Do let us know in the comments below!

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