The Funniest Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an essay is usually not a fun activity. It is boring and can sometimes be challenging. In most cases, students struggle to finish essays. Therefore, they end up including generic information just to meet the deadline. You can make your essay fun by starting off with a fun argumentative topic. Doing this gets you excited and can make the teacher notice you. Heck, you can even get an A for writing something inspiring. In this article, you will learn the funniest argumentative essay topics you can use.

Sarcastic Yet Funny Topics

A good way to coin your topic is to start with sarcasm. At the very least, you will get a giggle out of your professor. Also, you can use English essay help to turn in the best essays in school. The service provides several other written contents to its clients.

Below are some sarcastic funny yet argumentative essay topics to consider.

  1. Should the Dead Pay Their Student Loans?
  2. Driving With Your Seatbelt on Is Overrated. 
  3. Why Do People Spend Time on Social Media?
  4. You Are Overweight Because You Love To Exercise.
  5. Take a Smoke and Live Longer.
  6. I Love it When My Computer Crashes.
  7. Drinking Alcohol Is Healthy.
  8. The Excitement of Losing Your Car.
  9. Who Has Ever Succeeded by Paying Attention in Class?
  10. Billionaires Are Super Poor Individuals.
  11. All Road Signs Are Decorative Plaques.
  12. Driving With Your Eyes Closed Is Fun.
  13. Why Doing Surgery Without a Medical Degree Is Fun.
  14. Sleeping While Driving Is Recommended.
  15. You Can Only Become Successful by Doing Nothing.
  16. The Funny Side of Repeating a Class.
  17. You Can Breathe Underwater Like a Fish.
  18. The Healthiest Food in the World Is Fast Food.
  19. Studying Is for Losers That Do Not Want To Pass Their Exams.
  20. Spam Folder Is the Best Part of Owning an Email Account.
  21. You Will Do Jail Time if You Pay Your Taxes.
  22. Hating Yourself Is the Greatest Expression of Self Love.
  23. Pajamas Make the Best Cocktail Party Outfits.
  24. Delivering the 9 O’Clock News Does Not Make You an Anchor.
  25. You Will Become Rich if You Drop Out of School.
  26. Eating a Lot of Meat Is a Healthy Way of Living Forever.
  27. Your Car Can Also Run on Water.
  28. Will You See Your Back if You Look in the Mirror?
  29. You Can Outrun a Bullet if You Keep Practicing.
  30. Experience Teaches You Nothing.

Humorous Essay Topics

An essay topic can be purely funny without any sarcasm. Writing funny essays increases your creativity. Also, it can help you develop advanced writing skills. These types of skills can improve your chances of landing a job. Or, you can become a better writer as you grow. Below are some humorous essay topics to look at.

  1. Breaking a Toe Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg in America.
  2. Running Is the Fastest Way of Owning a Car.
  3. Your Love for Food Will Feed You to the Grave.
  4. The Easiest Way of Relieving Stress Is To Stop Caring.
  5. Touch a Burning Flame if You Want To Know How Hot It Is


A funny essay topic can kick-start an exciting writing adventure. You can also use a humorous yet sarcastic title to deliver an awesome essay. Whatever path you wish to follow, you can end up with exciting content.

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