The New year Resolutions We Make & How We Break Them In 5 Posters

Every New Year we take up new resolutions – from saving money, quitting smoking and working out. But sometimes it is the matter of just days or even hours when we break them.

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We bring you the story of New Year resolutions in these 5 posters in collaboration with InUth.

1. We think of saving money until we find something we really really want to buy for ourselves.



2. The morning warmth of our bedding in winters often takes over the tendency to wake up and go for a jog. 


3. The feeling of self-love and happiness fades away when you start missing someone. 


4. You think of quitting your long term addiction only to be enjoying it the next day


5. Just a sight of a Pizza and your resolution for healthy eating is broken…


Have you been able to keep a New Year resolution? Do let us know in the comments below!

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