11 Things That Actually Happened In India This Month: July 2023

July brought in monsoon and with it some amazing and some very bizarre events. If we look back, we find many things happening in India- some hilarious and some horrific. We know how much you love our monthly recaps and that is why we brought you yet again things that actually happened in India this month, the July edition!

1. Curious Case of a Pakistani Woman Who Came To Greater Noida With Her 4 Children To Meet Her Online PUBG Love!

A Pakistani woman found herself in a spot of trouble after her online gaming friendship led her to venture into India with her four children. Seema Ghulam Haider, a spirited woman in her late 20s, embarked on an unexpected journey to meet her PUBG friend in Greater Noida. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when the local authorities caught wind of her illegal presence in the area.

2. Wife Leaves Husband Over Tomatoes As He Cooked Sabzi With THREE Tomatoes

In a hilarious news story from Shahdol district, Madhya Pradesh, a man named Sanjeev who runs a dhaba and a tiffin service, recklessly added three tomatoes to his Sabzi, resulting in his wife storming out of their home, leaving him with a tomato-shaped hole in his heart and an empty curry pot.

Drowning in sorrow, Sanjeev has now decided never to consume or even think of tomatoes again. He has reported this matter to the police station, seeking their help in locating his missing better half. Can he save their relationship and live up to his tomato-free promise?

3. A Thief Who After Chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Stole Rs.5000 From The Temple And in Return Kept Rs.10 At The Diety’s Feet

In an audacious incident that unfolded at a Hanuman temple in Rewari, Haryana, a cunning thief managed to pull off a sneaky robbery by pretending to be a devoted worshipper. The audacious act was caught on CCTV cameras, leaving everyone dumbfounded. And this actually happened in India!

4. Bengaluru Woman Claimed She Was Rejected Despite Having Relevant Skills Because She Was “Too Fair”

Recently a Bengaluru woman took to her LinkedIn to post about a bizarre incident. She applied for a job at a company and after three rounds of interviews there; she got rejected.

According to her, she got a mail that stated that although her skills and qualifications were a match for the company, her complexion was a little “too fair” and they apparently wanted color homogeneity.

5. Couple Sold 8-Month-Old Baby to Buy iPhone and Make Reels to Become Famous!

A child is said to be the safest with his/her parents. We hear stories of parents who try to make ends meet so their children can have a good life. But what if the parents use their children to fulfill their luxurious wishes?

A disturbing incident like this came to light when a couple from West Bengal sold their infant to buy iPhone and make reels.
Upon investigation, it was found that the couple had actually sold their 8-month infant to buy an iPhone to travel to various parts of West Bengal and create Instagram reels to make money. Hard to believe this actually happened in India!

Image credits: Unsplash/Representative image

6. Girl in Bihar Cuts Off the Electricity of The Entire Village to Meet Her Boyfriend In Secret; Villagers Get Them Married!

Bollywood love stories are overrated. In reality, Biharis are more filmy than Bollywood itself. Because how far will you go for love? In the bizarre news world, we have another one surfacing from Bihar’s West Champaran area where two lovers would go to any lengths to avoid getting caught. The girl would cut off the power supply of the entire village to meet her boyfriend so that nobody would recognize them in the darkness.

7. Disgruntled Burglars Leave Rs.500 at The Techie’s House as There Was Nothing to Steal!

In a bizarre turn of events, burglars leave money at the house of a software engineer in Rohini, New Dehli. This may be an act of kindness or maybe just pity on their part but lucky is the engineer who instead of losing everything in an event of a break-in, got 500 rupees. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that he did not keep any valuable items at home and that’s why the robbers could find nothing. Pretty genius this person is!

Image credits: Pixahive/Representative image

8. Bengaluru Man Conned And Married 15 Women By Posing As Doctor & Engineer on Matrimonial Sites

A conman from Bengaluru married at least 15 women since 2914, most of the time posing as a doctor or an engineer. He even set up a fake clinic and hired a nurse to look authentic. This came to light when one of the women he married, filed a complaint against him for harassing her for money. Many women rejected him on matrimonial sites, his go-to place for conning women, because of his poor English which made them apprehensive about his credibility.

10. Cricket Fever Made Fans Book Hospital Beds In Ahmedabad For India-Pakistan ODI World Cup

Cricket lovers would do anything to watch the India-Pakistan match live in Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad on 15th October 2023. As the hotels in Ahmedabad were already booked by cricket enthusiasts, the last resort was to book hospital beds to find accommodation. People were willing to pay for deluxe rooms as well at a higher price to find a bed in the hospital. All this actually happened in India for its love for cricket!

Image credits: Pixabay/Representative image

11. Woman Makes A List Of Prospective Grooms With The Salary Packages And Companies They Work For

Most recently, a 29-year-old woman is gaining attention on Twitter for her alleged list of 14 eligible bachelors for an arranged marriage. As stated by her, she is speaking to all these guys through a matrimonial site and is having a tough time making a decision. She had a numbered list with their age, the company they work at, and their salary details.

These were some notable events last month that caught our attention. Some made us smile, some angry and some left us just confused. And these things actually happened in India. Let us know your favourite from these!

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