7 Great Tips to Make Your Apartment Even More Attractive


Living in an apartment has its own pros and cons. While you get the luxury of shifting to a neighborhood as per your liking and amenities, you do not always have the freedom to own a big backyard, garden or auxillary space that can be reworked as per your conveniences and choices. However, a little bit of creativity with a dash of interior work can do wonders to any apartment and make it much more lively and beautiful.


We bring you some of the best tips that can make your apartment even more attractive. If you already have an apartment or are looking to rent/own one at the apartments for rent in Alexandria, these tips would come definitely come in handy to make the best out of your living space.

1.  Choose Calm Colors for Walls

The colors you choose for you walls are one of the most important elemets of your home decor.  Science studies also indicate that certain colors have an relaxing effect and can also affect you psychologically and emotionally. Using bright and calm colors in your home decor like the calming tones of blue, green, yellow and white go perfectly with any lively apartment space.

2. Add a Dash of Greenery 

Indoor plants not only add life to your home with all its varieties, colors and textures but also perform an essential duty of purifying the air and absorbing toxic allergens. There are a number of indoor plants like Money plant, Snake plant, Peace Lily and spider plant amongst many more that you could consider adding to your living spaces. Most of these plants require minimal care and can also survive dry spells making them a perfect choice for your apartments.

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3. Work on the Lighting


Lighting is the most important element in setting the overall mood of your homes. While natural lights are the best option in the day time, you could experiement with a variety of lighting options available in the market to spruce up your apartments. You could prefer smart bulbs that are easily available these days. These bulbs let you choose various colors and levels of brightness easily with an app. Chandeliers are also a great option to use in the living rooms and other common spaces.

4.  Brighten your walls with photos, mirrors or paintings

Empty walls can often dull the whole appearance of your apartments. While calm colors are important, you could always use personal photos, mirrors, your favorite paintings or even a floating book shelf to add more life to the walls. These elements are quite important in defniting the character and the overall emotion of your apartment. You could also use miniature art pieces, painted bottles and a variety of other things to brighten your walls.

5. Try simple DIY Home Decor Tips

There are plenty of DIY Home decor ideas online you can find on Pinterest, YouTube as well as dedicated communities on Facebook and Instagram. Some of these ideas can easily be implemented and can be worked upon with your kids and friends. It is a cool way of decorating your home along with the satisfaction of creating something attractive for your living space all by yourself.

6. Cut the Clutter

Empty spaces are as important in any apartment as any other element of home decor. A cluttered house is not just a mess for you and your children but also effects your overall mood psycologically. Any good interior designer would tell you the great lengths they go to ensure that you home that enough free space. You could use a variety to options from hidden closets, bed drawers, folding tables and concelaed storage spaces to ensure that your apartment never looks cluttered.

7.  Prefer apartment with ample number of Glass Doors and Windows

Besides being important for natural daylight, glass doors and windown make ensure that you never feel like being enclosed in a closet in your aparments. Even a small apartment can appear to be bigger psycologically of the doors and windows open to a good view of your city, gardens or surrounding areas. Besides, enjoying your coffee with rains outside your window or watching the sunset from your balcony is a very calming experience. Prefer shifting to apartments with glass doors and windows that open to a good view.

Do you have any other tested and tried tips to beautify your apartment and make your living spaces more lively. Do share it with us in the comments below!

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