13 Tom & Jerry Meme Templates That Prove We’re All Like Them!

We were perhaps the first generation of Indian children to be treated with a plethora of English-origin cartoons when we were young. Say what you may, Tom & Jerry was as much a part of the Indian experience growing up as Shaktimaan was! A whole generation of kids grew up watching the incessant fights of this lovable mouse and cat duo. Be it the evening after shool or the mornings during the summer vacation, Tom & Jerry were a constant presence on our TV screens. With so much nostalgia involved, it is physically impossible for us to let go of the iconic duo – which is ok because we wouldn’t have it any other way. With that, we bring you 13 Tom & Jerry Meme Templates we hope you’ll enjoy.

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1. When your younger sibling tells you about a class bully:

2. When you successfully mislead your parents into blaming your sibling for something you did:

3. When mummy lets you order pizza for dinner:

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4. When your friend is sick so the teacher lets you go to the hospital with them:

5. When you ask your professor to give you extra attendance for his classes:

6. When you tell your mum you’re at your friend’s house so she calls her to cross check:

7. Me making maggi at 3 in the morning:

8. 2021 batch dreaming about their farewell v/s the covid pandemic:

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9. When you need your sibling’s clothes so you’re extra nice to them:

10. You v/s the guy she told you not to worry about:

11. Me at 8:25 AM, ready and prepared for my 8:30 class:

12. When subah ki adrak wali chai suddenly starts feeling flavourless:

13. When a junior talks to you because she wants your notes:

Did you like these Tom & Jerry meme templates? Comment below to tell us your favourite one! You can also check out this corner for more memes and meme templates!


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