Top Online Casino Bonuses That People Never Knew Existed

Online casinos offer a variety of games, a fact that makes them far much better than land-based casinos. However, it’s not about the variety of games. The online casino still ranks high above their predecessors with their offers too. Most reputable online casinos such as CasinoPro168 are dedicated to offering a bonus as a gift whenever a new member joins them. For most online casinos, the welcome bonus is the tip of the iceberg with more to offer in terms of bonuses and promotions. Their goal is to boost your bankroll and make you stick around and keep playing. However, for beginners, it can be confusing to understand different types of bonuses. Here is a list of online casino bonus types you can get your hands on when you join an online casino.

Welcome bonus

Every new player is entitled to a welcome bonus once they join a new casino site. They are available to new players who are registering for the casino for the first time. In many cases, it comes as a combination of a deposit bonus and free spins. However, it can also come as one or the other or some other type of freebie. In whichever case, the welcome bonus needs to be wagered a certain number of times before you qualify to withdraw.

Cash back bonuses

If you play in an online casino, you desire to make as much cash as possible. However, there’s a great chance that you’ll lose some money too. Did you know that online casinos offer a bonus that covers your losses? Cashback bonuses are usually shelled out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to cover losses. However, you shouldn’t expect them to cover all your losses but something in about the 20 percent-30 percent range. Since you will also need to bet using this bonus credit to a certain amount before you can withdraw it, read the terms before you get your hands on it.

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses are the most popular type. You stand a chance to earn this kind of gift when you make the first deposit in an online casino. In some casinos, you earn this type of bonus later as part of a promotional campaign. Like others, the deposit covers a portion of your deposit. As usual, they will always come with a set of terms and conditions that dictates how you can access the money. Besides, some online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses, which are the exact opposite of deposit bonuses. Here you don’t need to make a deposit. Instead, you get it for free. 

The VIP bonuses

Most online casino offer VIP bonuses to those who show loyalty to their sites. The more you play, the more the site will recognize you. In that case, you stand a chance to enter an exclusive VIP club. Loyalty bonuses are bigger than any other form of bonus. However, they are exclusively available to regulars. 


With the increased number of sites offering online casino services, new bonuses are being introduced to lure new customers. Online casino bonuses are opportunities for gamblers to make extra dollars in their bankroll. With this knowledge, sign up for casinoPro168 and take advantage of what it has to offer.

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