Top Tips When Moving to a New Property

If you are moving, be it to a new home or a new office space, chances are you currently have a lot going on. As such, it can be easy to forget some simple things that make the moving process much more streamlined. The below checklist will help you ensure that you have done everything you need to in order to execute the most straightforward move imaginable. 

Confirm Your Moving Date 

This should take priority over everything else. There is no point in organizing movers and ensuring the property is ready for you if you don’t know exactly when the moving date is. You can usually have this confirmed to you officially by either your conveyancers or the people selling the property. 

If you are moving into a new rented property, you may not actually need one specific day and might instead be able to spread moving out and moving in across several days. This allows you to get necessary work done in the property, such as cleaning the carpets and painting, without the added stress of moving in and living around these works all at the same time. 

If Renting, Then Give Notice to Your Landlord 

It’s important if you are currently renting a property that you let your landlord know exactly when you’ll be moving out. Ideally, this will coincide with the end of your lease as it will avoid an overlap in payments. If you are unsure when your lease ends, this will be contained within your tenancy agreement. 

Contact Your Utility Suppliers 

Once you know the date that you are moving out of your current property, you should let all of your utility providers know that you plan on moving out. You will need to ensure you’re getting in touch with those who provide your electricity, gas, phone and internet so you don’t end up paying more for these than you have to. 

It is also worth noting, if you are transferring your internet provider to your new property, that you download anything you may need when you move as chances are there will be a delay between moving and getting the internet set up in your property. You should also make necessary arrangements with work in light of this. 

Get Quotes on Removal Costs 

Removal costs can end up quite high, so it is worth setting a budget for yourself and sticking to it. There may be some elements you can take care of yourself and those that you can’t – there are websites available that offer moving services for a multitude of needs. If you visit Shiply, your job can be placed onto a load board. Load boards can be really helpful for finding jobs for delivery drivers as they will consider what truck loads you need delivering and put forward their rate. This means you will be able to choose the driver who is operating within your budget.

Have a Big Clear Out 

Moving out is a great reason to go through all of your old belongings and pick what it is that you think is worth keeping. Before you start to box everything up, have a look through it all and make sure you definitely want to take it to your new home. By having a clear out of some of your items, you will be able to make moving a lot easier. You can even take them to a charity shop so they can find a new home or be repurposed. 

Make a List of Where Everything in Your New Home Is

You will be surprised how much you will need access to the amenities in your new property as you are settling is, as such, it’s important you make a note of where everything is. This includes: 

  • The valve for controlling the water supply 
  • Instructions for appliances
  • Electricity and gas meters
  • Fuse boxes
  • Thermostats

You should do the same if you’re selling so that if people ask questions about the property in regard to these appliances, you will know where everything is. Prospective buyers will appreciate you going the extra mile for them and it could come in handy in the future. 


Buying a new property can be an incredibly stressful time and as such it is important that you are as prepared as possible for your move. The above is a very helpful list when it comes to doing this, so that you will be in the best position possible for ensuring a streamlined and straight forward move into your new home. 

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