8 Posters That Show How Commuting In India Is Simply A “NightMare!”

If you have been commuting regularly in your cities and town, you would have known how much of a nightmare it is. Whether you commute via Metro, auto, cab or trains – each mode of transport bring you its share of woes and challenges.

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Here we show you how commuting in India is a battle in itself with this poster series.

1. The rate system of Indian Autos knows no logic, no reason

2. You often realize how big and populous country India is when you try to commute via Buses in India

3. Boarding a cabs is not always as easy as it seems…

4. Why are Indians in a hurry every single place, every single time!

5. Golden Rule: Never trust Maps completely. Never.

6. Ever tried boarding the metro at Connaught Place? 

7. Indian Taxi Waalas and their Nakhras…

8. Delay is the Norm. On time is an exception. Welcome to Indian Railways! 



You would also have had such experiences while commuting in India? Share some of them in the comments below!

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