These Trending Bollywood Meme Templates Are Hilarious AF

Indian Pop Culture is never complete without the mention of Bollywood. We are a country that watch, follow, adore and imitate our stars. Hence, the Internet is full of Bollywood meme templates from popular movies, songs, dialogues and scenes that is used again and again to describe the story of our lives and everyday life situations. It’s a favorite of netizens, twitteratis and memers as well as online audiences.

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We bring you some of the recently trending and popular Bollywood meme templates on the internet.

Here we go…

1. When 30 years old you attend your younger brother’s marriage

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2. Siblings when parents are not at home

3. Me looking at my bank account at the end of every month:

4. Jal lijiye thak gaye honge, ‘girls are not funny’ likhte likhte

5.  Me after listening to Eminem for 2 minutes

6. Bol raha tha ‘meri wali alag hai’.

7.  ha ha main woh hi hu jo bina exam diye 90 % bana ke aaya hu

8. When you are in bad mood and suddenly someone plays your favourite song

9. har baar ‘bas 5 bol ke’ 1 ghante me aana is not funny

10.  When roommate starts looking at my food

11. Jitna bhi try kar lo bunny Maggi 2 minute me ahi banti

12. *Indian idol auditions*
Contestant: Sir, mere papa rikshaw…..
Judges *talking about Neha Kakkar*

13. me going to school after the corona time

14. Me attending office meeting on a Monday morning

15. Nobody:
Boys after securing 33%:

16. Teacher after checking my answer sheet

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We hope you enjoyed these hilarious memes from Bollywood movies. Which of these Bollywood meme templates did you find the most hillarious? Do let us know in the comments below.

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