15 Trending Instagram Reel Songs in April 2024


Instagram is full of exciting new songs that come up now and then- even while you are reading this- some new songs would’ve already popped up in the list of new trending songs. However, some songs keep the crown for a longer time than most others- they don’t just fade away in the crowd. So, here are some best trending Instagram reel songs in April 2024- check them out and try making a reel if you have missed out on any one of them- they are worth the chance if they could get you a viral reel!

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1. Lutt Putt Gaya | Dunki

A soothing but funky song that could easily fit into your DIY, GRWM, couple reels, vacant reels- or any other funny IG reel effortlessly. Try it and then tell us!

2. O Maahi | Dunki

If Irshad Kamil, Pritam, and Arijit Singh have come together to create a song- it has to be magical! And, that is why this romantic song featuring the King of Romance- Shah Rukh Khan instantly became a hit on Instagram reels.

3. Yimmy Yimmy | Tayc, Shreya Ghoshal, Rajat Nagpal, 

A funky dance number in the voice of Shreya Ghoshal? A hit for sure! But, this one was a step ahead and instantly became a viral dance reel on IG. Have you tried the ‘Yimmy Yimmy’ dance trend yet?

4. Ve Haaniyan | Danny, Avvy Sra, Sagar

Sung by Avvy Sra and Danny- this dreamy romantic number features the real-life couple- Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey- and its music is just so addictive! You can find this song in every other reel and still won’t get tired of hearing it.

5. Gulabi Sadi | Sanju Rathod

Looks like pink is the color of every viral song! Last it was the Pahadi ‘Gulabi sharara’ and now it is ‘Gulabi Sadi’ a Marathi song that has become a viral dance reel song on Instagram. Don’t tell me you haven’t danced on it yet.

6. Rangreza | ITS Simar, Bambb Homie

A Punjabi high-beat romantic song picturized on scenic snow-clad locations, this song is beautiful and catchy to listen to as well as watch! Try adding it to your next happy reel and look at it becoming even more joyful!

7. Sadqay | Aashir Wajahat, NAYEL, Nehaal Naseem

The song’s colorful video, its bass music, and the voice- everything screams peace. However, its tune is what caught the attention of the netizens and you must’ve heard this one is most of the viral meme reels.

8. Love Ya | Diljit Dosanjh


Diljit Dosanjh is ruling the world with his music right now. One of his recent viral songs is ‘Love Ya’- the MV features Diljit and Mouny Roy. But the music has become viral on Instagram because it has got a vibe!

9. Naina | Crew

This song from the movie Crew is catching on fast with Instagram users. And, while people had mixed opinions about Badshah’s rap- Diljit Dosanjh’s sweet voice in this song has once again won the hearts of many!

10. Magic | Diljit Dosanjh- Coke Studio Bharat

A Coke Studio song- sung by Diljit Dosanjh, and the ever so charming dance group- The  Quickstyle performed on it- you need more reasons to like this song? I don’t think so! And, so, like magic- this song worked its charm on IG.

11. Tum Se | Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya

A sweet song and the lyrics will blow away your mind- they are so romantic! The song is great for all the couple songs and people are using it in the most creative ways to make the best romantic reels and get maximum views.

12. Khwab | Aditya A, Eclipsa Nova

The song and its name go hand-in-hand! Aditya A creates songs to go viral. Like his previous songs- this song also captured the essence of today’s romance through its lyrics and the song went viral.

13. Akhiyan Gulab | Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya

A beachy-vibe giving song by Mitraz- this song from the blockbuster hit movie ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ is a vacay song made for the reels. So, if you are at a party or on a beach vacation- this song is a must for your reels.

14. Elevated | Shubh

Some Punjabi songs have such a vibe that you know that they will become viral as soon as you listen to them. I don’t get the meaning of most of the lyrics- but the song is so infectious!

15. Soulmate | Badshah, Arijit Singh

A soulmate is a soul-soothing song. Badshah music, rap, and Arijit Singh’s voice- bringing these two ruling kings of the Bollywood music industry together and creating such a nice song. Yup, it is similar to many of your old favorites- perhaps this is a better version of them all!

They are trending and will keep trending for a longer period. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity and use these songs to increase the views on your reels.

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