31 Hilarious Auto and Truck Shayaris We Have Come Across So Far

Sometimes you find things in places you least expect them to be. I mean, you wouldn’t expect to find life-changing philosophy on the back of a truck, but in India, you can! From romantic couplets to pretty solid life advice, the behinds of the trucks have seen them all. Here is a list of hilarious truck shayaris and gyan we have come across so far.

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1. Because only fair people are allowed to have buri nazar. 

2. We can only wish the tanks listened.

3. Lifesaving advice.

4. Not the dating advice you asked for, but the dating advice you need.

5. Kinda creepy, in hindsight.

6. You don’t have to hurt me with the truth like that!

7. Fair enough.

8. Doing the environment a favour by keeping noise at bay.

9. Geography 101.

10. Who hurt you, random Indian driver?

11. Driver during days, raging philosopher during nights.

12. This one’s actually too real, too sad.

13. Where are these girls that keep hurting truck drivers?

14. At least he’s being clear about what he wants you to do. Great communication skills. 10/10 would recommend.

15. This child who’s clearly a young tattletale.

16. I wish things could grow into bigger things.

17. At least someone wants to treat their woman right.

18. Never thought I would receive a reality check from the behind of a truck, but here we are.

19. Only if cars could talk to each other. Imagine if they made a movie about it. Oh wait…

20. Children sometimes do not take after their parents.

21. At least they gave you a warning.

22. It be like that sometimes.

23. You gotta roll with the times.

24. I wish people came with a warning label, too.

25. An oldie but a goodie.

26. We do like us some confidence.

27. Things work differently for different people.

28. Just because it rhymes, doesn’t mean it’s poetry.

29. Leaving it all to the hands of a higher power.

30. The kind of attitude you need to live happily.

31. Being vocal for local.

What are the funniest truck shayaris you have come across so far? Comment below to let us know!

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