7 Cute Doodles That Show What True Love Is!


Love is a beautiful emotion. A feeling that can overwhelm any position, any wealth and absolutely anything else in this world. Great poets, writers, philosophers, emperors and even Gods have bowed down to this 4 lettered word.


We depict some of the little yet wonderful things that tell us what True Love is.
(In association with Vee)

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1. True Love is sharing the last slice of Pizza. 


2. True Love is growing old together

3. True Love is thinking of her before you sleep


4. True Love is getting drenched in rain together 

5. True Love is when she watches Cricket with me

6. True Love is cooking a meal together 


7. True Love is when he cooks for me

What are those joyous moments which remind you of True Love? Do let us know in the comments below

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