Best Turkish Dramas on Hotstar To Add To Your Watchlist Now!


Turkish dramas are irresistible because of their diverse stories, and characters, and even the actors will keep you hooked to your TV screens because of their impeccable performances. The shows have a crisp storyline, the characters, and their lives are explored in depth, and the scenic locations of Turkey are like a cherry on the top! If you want to watch some of the best Turkish dramas on Hotstar, here are some of the names for you.

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1. Price Of Passion

A romance drama series that got a lot of attention from viewers in Turkey as well as globally and even got an 8 IMDb rating! It is about a woman who is a devoted doctor helping her patients and children heal their wounds and hearts. She crosses paths with a mysterious man who turns out to be a cold-blooded murderer. And, even after trying hard to stay away, she falls for this man. Two strangers with opposite motives in life- what will happen to their future?

2. Life Of Secrets 

Life of Secrets is a family drama series with a 7.1 IMDb rating, it is beautiful because of the pure love story between two innocent lovers- Burak and Seher. While, the show is heart-breaking because of many secrets that come out in the open- regarding different family members of the Kuzgan family. A show that has an intense storyline as secrets will keep spilling one after the other- shocking you throughout. The aftermath of those shocks, the family relations, the love stories, and heartbreaks- everything about this show is wonderful.

3. New Life


A drama series that was released in 2020, is about a special force officer, Adam- he loves his job and has an adorable family. His life is perfect until he gets injured and has to leave his profession and find an alternative. He finds a new job as a bodyguard for a beautiful and rich woman named Yasemin, who is also the second wife of a rich businessman named Timur. What Adam does not know is that Yasemin has many deep secrets and a hidden past, and the whole family setup he is entering, is nothing less than a minefield.

4. Sisterhood

A gripping drama show about three sisters who have grown up without knowing each other’s existence. One fine day, they receive an anonymous letter revealing them about their connections as siblings. They are even invited by an anonymous person to meet each other at one of the sister’s weddings. They are happy and shocked to come face-to-face on the night of the wedding, but something more happens that day and changes their whole life. They now can no longer leave that place and have to live together.

5. Hiding Our Mother

It is an interesting story about a woman named Handan whose life takes a one-eighty-degree turn when she meets a mysterious couple. Now, she wants to have a husband and lead a better life- but this single mother of three is not such an interesting partner, why? Because of her three children! So, what happens to her three children, did the couple adopt them? And will she ever get married again? All these are answered in the show.

If you are just starting to explore the Turkish drama world- the above-mentioned Turkish Dramas on Hotstar are the best options. Once you have entered that world- you will find so many other great Turkish shows on YouTube as well.

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