10 Gripping TV Shows Based on Real Life Stories That You Must Watch

One of the reasons we all enjoy watching TV shows is because we can get lost in the plot. However, watching a show that is based on real events is even more entertaining. They add a component to the screen that increases their relatability. Real-life stories make you feel like a part of the movie. So, here we are bringing you the list of ten best TV shows based on real life.

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1. Band of Brothers

From Operation Overlord to V-J Day, Easy Company of the American Army’s 101st Airborne Division tells the tale of their mission in World War II Europe. An amazing show based on a real life story that you must watch.

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2. Spartacus

The gladiator Spartacus’s life, who led a revolt against the Romans from his time as a Roman ally, to his betrayal and transformation into a gladiator, to the uprising he leads and its ultimate result. A perfect show to keep you glued to your screen.

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3. Narcos

The television series Narcos depicts Pablo Escobar’s rise to power as a cocaine trafficker in Colombia and his subsequent downfall. Escobar isn’t the only real-life character in this, the show also features DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pea who are working in Colombia to try and stop the drug’s spread.

Streaming on: Netflix

4. Chernobyl

A 2019 historical drama television miniseries titled Chernobyl centers on the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the subsequent cleanup efforts. Craig Mazin is the series creator and writer, and Johan Renck is its director. Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgrd, Emily Watson, and Paul Ritter are among the ensemble cast’s standout performers. An amazing show based on a real life story that you must watch.

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5. The spy

A unique character study of a spy, and in this case, a real chameleon, is presented in “The Spy,” a compelling though unsatisfactory limited series. The six-episode series explains how Eli transitioned from an obedient department store employee in Israel to a spy embedded in Syria by assuming the identity of a self-assured businessman named Kamel Amin-Thabaath.

Streaming on: Netflix

6. When  they see us

When five Harlem teenagers are falsely accused of carrying out a vicious attack in Central Park, they are plunged into a nightmare based on a true account. A perfect show for a perfect evening!

Streaming on: Netflix

7. Unorthodox

When a group of musicians in Berlin take in a Hasidic Jewish woman from Brooklyn who is fleeing an arranged marriage, her past comes calling. A must-watch show!

Streaming on: Netflix

8. Black Bird

James “Jimmy” Keene, a promising young football star who received numerous college football scholarship offers, chose to remain in the Chicago area so that he could be near his successful business. He started a life of crime dealing drugs up until he was apprehended as part of Operation Snowplow, a larger undercover operation. This is the account of the perilous deal that was presented to him and what transpired next.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

9. Mindhunter

The true account of how the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit started researching psychopaths and serial killers in the late 1970s served as the basis for Netflix’s true-crime-focused thriller series “Mindhunter.”

Streaming on: Netflix

10. Unbelievable

Unbelievable, an eight-episode Netflix series, is based on the true story of Marie, an 18-year-old Washington woman, who was sexually assaulted as the perpetrator took pictures of her while she was bound and gagged in her Lynwood apartment. A show that won’t let you leave your seats!

Streaming on: Netflix

So this was it. We hope you loved watching these ten best TV shows based on real life.

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