Most Awaited TV Shows on OTT in May 2023 You Should Watch


While movies are a quick escape from the outside world, we need something more rigid to incentivise us to work through our mundane lives. That’s where TV shows come into the picture. Just how rewarding is it to come back home after a day of work, sit on the couch and binge on a Tv show that you had been waiting for such a long time?! This month is here to help you live that feeling in perpetuity. It is filled with unique new shows as well as the revival of some of our favourite shows! Let’s look at these most awaited TV shows on OTT in May 2023 that you should watch without fail!


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1. Star Wars: Visions, season 2

Star Wars is famously known for its electrifying animations and amazing storylines. There are several ongoing franchises of the show however, this one is a little different from all others. Star Wars: Vision has given an unprecedented opportunity for animators from all over the world to narrate Star Wars through their own perspectives. These narrations form short films which are then compiled to form a new season. The cultural influences seen in each episode are spectacular. Season 2 consists of one Indian short film too. Titled- The Bandits of Golak, it has been directed by Indian animator Ishan Shukla. This anthology is also a great tour of the different animation styles employed worldwide. Season 2 Of StarWars: Vision is set to release all of its episodes on Disney+ on May 4.

2. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

The popular series Bridgerton has made headlines for its cheesy old-school romance and also the charming characters that manage to whisk people off their feet. After the success of the first two seasons, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season. Alas, good things take time. Nevertheless, to save us from disappointment, Netflix has now released a prequel spinoff of the series before the third instalment is released. This spinoff forms a separate series dealing with Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton, her love life and her rise to prominence. It stars India Ria Amarteifio and Golda Rosheuvel in the titular role along with Corey Mylchreest and Ruth Gemmell. This historical drama series is expected on Netflix on May 4.

3. The Muppets Mayhem 

Disney+ is back at trying to revive our childhood with the best most interesting shows anyone could ever imagine. Our favourite musical puppets, Muppets have been here since 19995 and their music has been unbeatable. However, as times have evolved they need to evolve too. The Muppets need to catch up with the music business of today’s world and that’s exactly what they strive to do in these series. The Muppets Mayhem is a family-friendly series that takes a dig at the current music scenario in a playful manner while also leaving behind some important life lessons. This Tv show on OTT in May 2023 is a must-watch among children and adults alike! It is set to release on Disney+ on May 10.

4. Royalteen: Princess Margrethe 

Princess Diaries proved to us that being a princess is not easy. A glamorous life comes with tons of hardships. Such is also the life of Princess Margrethe who struggles to be a normal teenager while handling her princess duties. This upcoming Norwegian TV show narrates the story of this young princess’ life that goes haywire after a failed prom night. She tries to return back to normalcy while also dealing with serious family drama. The show is set to release on Netflix on 12th May 2023.


5. Mc Gregor forever 

The legendary UFC fighter Connor McGregor is here with another documentary on his terrific career. The first one titled- Connor McGregor: Notorious released in 2017, also dealt with his career peaks. The latest documentary is a follow-up after a career-threatening injury in 2017. The strong Irish fighter known for his impeccable martial arts and fighting skills delves into details of not only his career but also his personal life, the ups and downs he has faced as an individual and how he hasn’t given up despite them. It is a truly inspirational sports documentary that will give you a perfect example of resilience and determination. Produced by McGrogor himself and directed by Gotham Chopra, it is set to release on Netflix on May 17.

6. XO, Kitty 

The oh-so-smart younger sister of Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is in for a treat because it’s her turn to find love now. Katherine Song Covey, our beloved Kitty is set to begin High school where she faces new problems and realizes that love is not as easy as she had thought. The Netflix series set to release on May 18, follows her as she moves halfway across the globe to meet her long-distance boyfriend and discovers newer struggles.


Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro, Fubar is a comedy-action Netflix series. It marks the debut of the icon of Hollywood action Arnold Schwarzenegger on the small screen. He plays the role of a CIA agent close to retirement. His plans for retirement get thrown off track when due to some unexpected circumstances that call for desperate measures. FUBAR is by far the most anticipated TV show on OTT in May 2023 with global fans waiting to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in action. It is scheduled to release on Netflix on May 29.

8. I think you should leave with Tim Robinson

Are you someone who hates having people over or meeting people in general? If your answer is yes, then this just might be the show for you. I think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is a sketch comedy series that revolves around doing everything you can to drive people out of your houses. the show is written by Tim Robinson himself along with Zach Kanin, John Solomon and Jeremy Beiler. With two successful seasons, it is back with another one to give us all a much-required dose of hearty laughter and joy. The first episode of season 3 is set to release on May 30th on Netflix.

This was our list of the most awaited TV shows on OTT  you can catch in May 2023. With such a wide range of genres available May for sure is going to be the most amusing and entertaining month so far. Let us know in the comments which show you have been eyeing! Until next time!

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