8 Types Of Friends All Of Us Have In Our Lives


What’s life without the warm hugs and comfort of our friends! They are our pillars of support, chosen brothers, secret keepers and the people we just cannot imagine our lives without. And we do have crazy friends! Friends, who entertain us and surprise us with their weird habits, lifestyles and addictions.

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Let’s have a look at the kinds of friends we have in our lives.

1. The one who lives a virtual life on social media

2. The one whose day starts and ends with selfies

3. The one who is a wikipedia of all the spicy gossips

4. The one whose best friend is the Man’s best friend


5. The one who is always hungry for books

6. The one whose entire life is summed up by the words – Netflix & Chill! 

7. The one who is always up for a beer or a drink, or both!

8. The one whose wanderlust instincts never seems to fade away

Which of these kinds of friends do you have in your lives? And tell us #WhatsYourKind in the comment section.

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