10 Types of Handshakes And What They Mean

Handshakes can be used as a form of greeting a new person that you meet, as a sign of loyalty, or even to symbolize a business deal. Although COVID got in the way of physical contact for a while, handshakes are still performed, albeit now accompanied by sanitizers. Each handshake can indicate the person’s state of mind or personality and these are often used to read the other person. Here are the different types of handshakes and what they mean, so you can look out for them next time.

1. Sweaty Palms Handshake

This type of handshake indicates nervousness, since it has caused the other person to have clammy, sweaty palms. It can also be caused due to underlying health conditions, therefore, be patient before judging anyone for it.

2. Dead Fish Handshake

Handshakes like this one can make the receiver uncomfortable. The person makes no effort to return the handshake, does not grip the hand and thus, feels like a dead fish. It can indicate low self-esteem since they are unable to be on equal footing.

3. The Politician Handshake

Also called the two-handed handshake, this can be seen as friendly or overbearing, depending on whether the person knows you well or not, respectively.

4. Control Handshake

If the person grips your hand tightly and seems to be leading you elsewhere, they may be engaging in the control handshake. It could indicate a desire to lead the conversation or discussion.

5. Brush Off Handshake

Possibly one of the most disrespectful handshakes, this may be off-putting to the receivers. It is marked by the person quickly grabbing your hand and releasing it by pushing it aside. It may indicate intolerance and unwillingness to listen to your views.

6. Finger Vice Handshake

A handshake is meant to keep the receiver at a distance, be it out of dislike, superiority complex or power-play. It is especially uncomfortable if they squeeze your fingers while holding them.

7. Upper Hand Handshake

In this handshake, the person initially holds your hand normally and then twists it, such that their own hand is on top. This may indicate a superiority complex on their part.

8. Bone Crusher Handshake

This could be an intimidating or playful move, where the person crushes your fingers.

9. Lobster Claw Handshake

In this handshake, the other person’s thumb and fingers touch the palm of your hands. This may indicate that the person is unable to open up and form relationships easily.

10. Teacup Handshake

The handshake does not involve palm-to-palm contact, since the other person is cupping your hand. It may mean that the person is trying to maintain a certain distance since they do not want to have too much contact.

Have you ever noticed these different types of handshakes and wondered what they mean?

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