This Hilarious Brand Film is Here to Say Goodbye Forever to Buffering


Remember how we have struggled with buffering videos through the ages? Every day we wasted hours waiting for a video to buffer. Sometimes we’d even lose the moment and give up entirely. The frustration might have even led to a few phones breaking now and then. Nevertheless, buffering is still a problem in many places where cellular data signals are low. Don’t you want to cut your losses and enjoy seamless buffering as you watch the next AIB video or listen to your favourite songs?

Folks, we have got you covered, with the new UC Browser 12.0 you can enjoy seamless videos on the internet even when the cellular data signals are weak. The browser is light on the operating system and its algorithm lets it maximize the use of cellular data to give you an optimized and unique experience.  

The new video ad by UC Browser depicts how we feel when the video starts buffering in the middle of the most interesting parts of the movie that we are streaming on the internet.


The video’s message is simple, stop buffering and start streaming on the fastest and lightest browser on all mobile platforms, UC Browser.

 We are quite prone to facing poor internet connection from time to time, and just when it started to seem that the problem would exist forever, and we are to live with it, UC Browser comes to the rescue with its unique feature that minimizes lags in connection and lets you view videos seamlessly. Say goodbye to buffering, and switch to UC Browser.

No Buffering, No suffering!


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