15 Most Underrated Bollywood Romantic Movies That Are Hidden Gems

Bollywood is responsible for some of the most recognizable love stories of all time, but there are also a lot of underrated Bollywood romantic movies that were overlooked masterpieces that should get more attention. These films may not have attracted a large audience when they were first released, but viewers who have found them through time have fallen in love with them.

Today, we will be discussing 15 of the best underrated Bollywood romantic movies of all time. You’re guaranteed to feel affected and inspired after watching these films, which offer a distinctive viewpoint on society’s problems and topics like love and relationships. So, these underappreciated Bollywood romantic movies are definitely worth watching if you enjoy romantic films or are just searching for something fresh to watch.

1. Sadma (1983)

One of the primary reasons why Sadma is considered one of the most underrated Bollywood romantic movies of all time is its unconventional storyline, which depicts the relationship between a young woman suffering from amnesia and a lonely school teacher who takes care of her. The film explores the delicate nuances of their relationship and the sacrifices the teacher makes to reintegrate the woman into society.

The film was also ahead of its time in terms of its treatment of mental health and the portrayal of a strong and independent female lead. The film was not well-received by the audience at its release, despite its outstanding performances by Sridevi and Kamal Hassan and its soulful music.

Over time, Sadma has gained a cult following and is now regarded as a masterpiece of Indian cinema. Its themes of love, loss, and human connection continue to resonate with audiences today, and its impact on Indian cinema can still be felt.

2. Lamhe (1991)

When it was released in 1991, the movie did not do well at the box office, despite earning good reviews. Several widely watched films at the time dominated the spotlight.

Lamhe tackled the taboo subject of a younger guy falling in love with an older woman, which would have made some viewers uneasy and had mixed reactions. The movie highlights the timeless idea of real love that defies age, time, and social conventions, which may not have been completely understood by viewers at the time.

The movie also featured a cross-cultural love tale, which might have restricted its appeal to some audience segments. Lamhe was a low-to-the-ground romantic drama that might not have appealed to general audiences because it required a certain degree of fortitude and emotional engagement from viewers.

Lamhe is one of the most underrated Bollywood Romantic of all time because of the possibility that all of these variables had a role in why it did not enjoy the popularity and acclaim it merited at the time of its debut.

3. Anjaam (1994) 

Anjaam is a romantic thriller that explores the obsessive side of love. Despite the leading performers Madhuri Dixit and Shahrukh Khan gave outstanding performances, the film did not do well at the box office.

The film examines the darker side of love and the extremities to which it may push a person. The movie’s soundtrack is equally underappreciated; it contains a number of songs like “Badi Mushkil Hai” and “Channe Ke Khet Mein ” that Bollywood fans still adore.

Also, the film addresses societal concerns including patriarchy and power relationships. Anjaam is unquestionably one of the most underappreciated romantic movies of all time and needs more respect.

4. Fire (1996)

Fire is a film that has daring and contentious plot as well as confronts conventional gender norms. In 1996, when “Fire” was released, lesbianism was still a taboo subject in Indian cinema, and somewhere it yet continues to be. This movie explores this subject in great detail at that time. Given the traditional Indian societal conventions, this topic was audacious, contentious, and even scandalous.

The movie is also hailed as revolutionary for its depiction of Indian society’s traditional gender roles being contested by women. The two primary figures, Radha and Sita, are portrayed as powerful, independent women who reject patriarchal standards and male dominance.

The film’s director, Deepa Mehta, has received praise for her distinctive storytelling approach, which is enhanced by breathtaking photography, deft acting, and sublime musical composition. The movie has also received accolades for addressing delicate subjects with intelligence and tact.

In conclusion, “Fire” may be an underrated romantic Bollywood movie because it explores the topic of a romantic relationship from a unique perspective and deviates from the typical Bollywood plot.

5. Tum Bin (2001)

Anubhav Sinha directed the romantic drama movie Tum Bin in 2001. Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha, Himanshu Malik, and Raqesh Vashisth are the film’s stars. It is the tale of a bereaved family coming to terms with the loss of their kid and the surprising way in which they find comfort.

Tum Bin is one of the all-time most underrated Bollywood romantic movies, despite getting praise for its plot and soundtrack. Music enthusiasts still enjoy the soulful score from the film, with songs like “Choti Choti Raatein,” “Koi Fariyaad,” and “Daaroo Vich Pyaar” emerging as timeless classics.

One of the first Bollywood films to be totally shot in Canada was Tum Bin. The movie has a distinct charm that is difficult to discover in today’s Bollywood offerings because of the scenic settings and breathtaking imagery.

All things considered, Tum Bin is a must-see for everyone who like love stories with a dash of drama and soulful music. Its timeless story of love, tragedy, and redemption will no doubt touch your heart and leave you feeling full of faith and hope.

6. Zubeidaa (2001)

Zubeidaa is regarded as underestimated since, despite earning favourable reviews upon release, it did poorly at the box office. The film received plaudits for its unusual plot, the compelling work of its leading performers, and its exquisite score.

It portrays the tale of Zubeidaa, a young Muslim actress, who falls in love with a prince but encounters resistance from her traditional family. She aspires to live a joyful, straightforward life and to be free to experience all that love has to offer. But her relationships overwhelm her, placing her in a predicament she can’t resolve.
Even her strange death occurs at a time when she is unsure of the direction her marriage and her life are taking. The movie looks at issues including love, identity, and social standards.

Zubeidaa is a high-calibre Bollywood love film, and there are not many films that have combined reality and fantasy with such great effect, but it is less well-known than some of its contemporaries.

7. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (2002)

Featuring Uday Chopra, Tulip Joshi, and Jimmy Shergill, Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai is a 2002 Bollywood romantic comedy-drama movie. The story centres on Sanjay (Uday Chopra), who visits Anjali (Tulip Joshi), a friend from his youth, in order to prevent her marriage to Rohit (Jimmy Shergill), whom he feels is the wrong choice for her.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai did not earn warm reviews from reviewers and did not find success at the box office in spite of its engaging plot and memorable soundtrack. But over time, the movie developed a cult following and is now regarded as one of the greatest underappreciated romantic Bollywood films ever made.

Its timing might be one factor in the movie’s underappreciation. Its box office triumph was eclipsed by films such as Devdas, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, and Saathiya. The movie received a mediocre reaction at first, and it only became well-known owing to word-of-mouth and the songs’ enduring appeal.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai is nonetheless a delightful film that celebrates love and friendship in spite of all of these negative aspects, and it merits more praise in the romantic comedy subgenre of Bollywood.

8. Raincoat (2004)

The film’s audience-resonating plot is straightforward but dramatic. It is an adaption of O. Henry’s short story “The Gift of the Magic”, which narrates the tale of two lovers (Ajay Devgn and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), who are separated by fate but eventually cross paths again and spend a rainy night together discussing their goals for the past, present, and future. Rituparno Ghosh, a celebrated Bengali director renowned for his creative sensibility, directed Raincoat. Many people have praised his direction and meticulous attention to the details in the movie.
In the movie, Aishwarya Rai and Ajay Devgn delivered faultless performances that showcased their acting prowess. They received a lot of praise for their on-screen chemistry and emotional range. Debajyoti Mishra wrote the score for the film, which is regarded as one of its most beautiful and emotional soundtracks.

Ultimately, Raincoat is one of the best underrated romantic movies in Bollywood history, thanks to its compelling plot, director, acting, and soundtrack.

9. Socha Na Tha (2005)

Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia, who were both very novice actors at the time, played the lead protagonists in the movie Socha Na Tha.  The lack of buzz and star power surrounding the film may have prevented it from receiving the attention it deserved.

The film departed from the conventional Bollywood pattern of a boy seeing a girl, falling in love, encountering adversity, and ultimately prevails. It’s possible that Socha Na Tha was ahead of its time in portraying relationships in a more realistic manner. The movie contains numerous instances that will cause you to say, “Oh yes! That’s occurred!” Being that young lady with repressed ambitions, making an effort to win over a girl who is out of your league, the pressure of the family especially on the girl to get married after finishing college, having a partner that doesn’t truly understand you,  unexpectedly, you start getting along with someone! Every step of the way, friends will be there for you, someone may be incorrect for you without necessarily being incorrect themselves, and the frightening consequences of your parents finding out you’re dating someone! Additionally, the wild love confusion. Yet, in the end, friendship is what matters most!

Because of the slow pacing of the movie, some viewers who were used to the fast-paced drama and action of a normal Bollywood film may have found it uninteresting. The movie wasn’t extensively advertised like other high-budget pictures at the time, as a result, a larger audience isn’t reached. Overall, the movie was underestimated as a romantic drama in Bollywood because it did not achieve the commercial success it deserved while receiving praise from critics and viewers.

10. Cheeni Kum (2007)

This movie is a very mature love story with its own melancholy moments. First off, the film’s plot is distinct and original, setting it apart from other Bollywood romantic comedies.  The story centres on a chef (Amitabh Bachchan) in his 60s who falls in love with a 30-year-old woman (Tabassum Hashmi) and learns that her father is six years younger than he himself. The film explores the difficulties the couple faces as a result of their age differences, a subject that is rarely covered in Bollywood. One of the most realistic and mature romantic partnerships has been recognised for the chemistry between the two performers.

Lastly, the film’s screenplay and direction are also excellent. The storyline and directed by R. Balki are subtle and insightful, with the right amount of comedy and drama. The soundtrack of the film is also well-liked. Illaiyaraaja’s music score is calming and memorable, with songs like “Jaane Do Na” and “Baatein Hawa Hai” quickly gaining popularity.

If this movie had been made in the present day, it would have gotten a lot more appreciation than it did when it released more than a decade ago.

15. Qarib Qarib Single (2017)

Qarib Qarib Single had a distinct plot that Bollywood had never previously explored. It shows a middle-aged couple that meets on a dating app and decides to go on a trip together to go back to their earlier years. This makes the film realistic and relatable.
Parvathy Thiruvoth Kottuvata and Irrfan Khan, who played the key roles, both gave outstanding performances. They accurately depicted the emotions of their characters and the spirit of each one.

The landscapes added to the appeal of the film, and the film was expertly shot. The journey’s essence was expertly captured by the cinematographer. The movie’s romantic atmosphere was heightened by the soulful music. The songs were memorable and stuck in the audience’s heads long after the movie ended. The film shows a good message about relationships and love. It demonstrated that love can happen at any age and that it is not dependent on one’s age or physical beauty.

Ultimately, Qarib Qarib Single is a Bollywood film that is one of the most romantic, realistic, and underrated of all time and deserves more acclaim.

In conclusion, if you enjoy romantic stories or are just searching for something fresh to watch, these underrated Bollywood romantic movies are unquestionably worthwhile. They provide a novel viewpoint on romance and love, and you’re likely to come away from them moved and motivated.

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