15 Underrated Romantic Comedy Movies That Will Redefine Love For You

A list of the most underrated romcoms out there!

Hello, hopeless romantics! Are you looking for some underrated romantic comedy movies to soothe your heart this weekend? You have come to the right place. Romcoms exist for the sole purpose of making us feel better about ourselves and our own idea of love. While many may toss them aside as ‘chick flicks’, some romcoms have messages so profound hidden within them that they will blow your mind. In this list, we have listed some of the most underrated romantic comedies that deserve to be on your watchlist.

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1. About Time

This movie is so freaking underrated. It’s such a simple, sweet story, God, the simplicity! Tim learns that he can travel through time just like some other men in his family and he tries to make the most of his power by trying to win over the love of his life, Mary. But this is not one of those loud sci-fi movies with grand gestures and all. Okay, let me put it this way. This movie is like a warm waffle that you eat with your lover while watching the sunset on a beach. Yes, that sums it up.

2. The Big Sick

When we talk about underrated romcoms, The Big Sick is a movie that crosses everybody’s minds. A Pakistani comedian/ Uber driver falls in love with a white girl named Emily. Although cultural differences and family interference drives them apart, when Emily, unfortunately, slips into a coma, Kumail finds himself bonding with Emily’s parents. This movie is as endearing as it is hilarious.

3. Ruby Sparks

An author starts writing about his idea of a perfect partner and is shocked to find that his imagination has come to life. That’s the dream, right? Right? This bittersweet celebration of love reminds us that perfection doesn’t exist and accepting the imperfect is not always that easy. It is heartwarming, funny at times, devastating at others. This movie is an experience that you should not miss.

4. 50 First Dates

Lucy suffers from a rare memory condition that makes her forget everything after 24 hours. As a result, she lives every day as if it were the same. One day, she meets Harry and he falls in love with her. He makes sure to win her heart even if he has to go on 50 first dates with her. This adorable yet rib-tickling romcom is a delight to watch.

5. Love, Rosie

Being a Cecelia Ahern book adaptation, of course, this movie has to be good. The British equivalent of ‘Pyaar dosti hai‘, this movie cruises through the highs and lows of the friendship between Alex and Rosie. Is it friendship, is it love, or is it both? This lovely movie will definitely leave you with a satisfactory answer.

6. What If

Wallace, a medical school dropout, falls for a girl named Chantry who happens to have a boyfriend. It’s wonderful how some movies remind us that the definition of love varies from person to person. And no matter what the definition is, love always stays unfathomable. After all, it’s not something that’s meant to be understood, it’s just meant to be felt.

7. Leap Year

Anna decides to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on leap day for which she travels to Ireland. However, there she meets an Irish innkeeper, Declan, who makes her question what she really wants in life. She ends up confused between the two choices of love that she has before her.

8. Serendipity

Well, serendipity is an oh-so-aesthetic word that describes the phenomenon when fate works in mysterious ways to get you agreeable results. Sara and Jonathan leave their relationship to fate after they first meet. John writes his name and number on a five-dollar bill while Sara does the same on the cover of a Marquez book. If they manage to come across the items in the future, they’ll know that they’re meant to be. Isn’t that simply exquisite? Sighs.

9. Blended

Two single parents go on a really terrible blind date and hope to never meet each other ever again. Ways of fate are such that the two end up in a resort in Africa together along with their respective children. Interestingly, the two families start bonding, ahem blending, and the two adults start developing feelings for each other. The movie is too damn funny which makes it perfect for a weekend watch.

10. Imagine Me and You

Just the name gives you the Happy Together vibes, right? Racheal falls for her lesbian florist, Luce, on the day of her wedding! This incident makes her question her sexual orientation, her feelings for her husband, her marriage, and above all her individuality! This chucklesome movie will surely melt your hearts.

11. Flipped

Usually, romantic comedies are more about the ‘we’ than about ‘you’ and ‘me’. This movie, interestingly, shows the polar opposite perspectives of the two protagonists about their relationship. Even though the idea that each of them has about their bond is different, the love they share remains the same. Simply beautiful! Extraordinarily unique.

12. Paper Heart

How about a romantic mockumentary? This brilliantly made movie is the tale of the fictionalized versions of actors Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera going around the USA, shooting a documentary in an attempt to understand the meaning of love. While they try to interview real-life couples, they themselves become a part of the documentary in a way they had never imagined.

13. The Holiday

Amanda and Iris, who live on the opposite sides of the globe, decide to swap their homes for the holidays. While the decision is made in an attempt to escape the complexities that ensued in their respective love lives, they both find themselves hopelessly in love with the men they meet in their new surroundings.

14. Celeste and Jesse Forever

How difficult is it to part ways with someone whom you have loved all your life? Celeste and Jesse find themselves at a point where they both want something different from life. They decide to get divorced for the same but still stay friends. How far would that go? You need to watch to know.

15. Definitely, Maybe

With a highly original and fresh plot, this movie follows a father who tells her daughter about his life before he got married. As he narrates his story, the audience as well as the daughter is left to guess who the mother actually is. This is just one of the things that makes this movie so interesting. If not for anything else, watch this movie for Ryan Reynolds, he is a complete sweetheart in this movie.

Love is a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? And happiness, mirth, laughter, these are nothing but the aftereffects of love that float in the air like pixie dust. Maybe that’s what makes romcoms so magical. Don’t you feel the same? Ponder.

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