10 Most Underrated YouTubers In India

Our lives are ruled by the internet, and YouTube is a platform where you can succeed or fail. We are all familiar with successful YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani. However, there are many YouTubers who aren’t all that well-known but who deserve to be in the spotlight because of how interesting and entertaining their videos are. Here is a list of the most underrated YouTubers in India, so that you can explore some of the greats, who haven’t had the chance to become as famous as the others.


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1. Salil Jamdar 
Actor, singer, writer, and YouTuber Salil Jamdar is from India. Salil Jamdar is renowned for producing genuine parody songs and humorous films, which he uploads to his YouTube channel, Salil Jamdar & Co.

2. Slayy Point 
Known for its humorous reviews, vlogs, and roast videos, Slayy Point is a well-known Indian roast channel on YouTube. Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale manage The Channel. One of India’s biggest humour YouTube channels is Slayy Point. Since they are also included in Netflix videos.

3. Saiman Says 
An Indian YouTuber by the name of Saiman Says, Saimandar “Saiman” Waghdhare is well known for his PewDiePie billboard stunt in that country. Many people have commended him for his caustic and parodic brand of humour. Even in the winter, he prefers to dress in half-pants.

4. Dank Rishu 
Indian YouTuber Rishabh Arora is better known online as Dank Rishu. In his Content Chowkidar (Content Watchman) series, which combines hilarious parodies and dark humour, he criticises YouTubers and calls them out for their online conduct. He is well recognised for his satirical criticism.

5. Nitish Rajput 
Nitish Rajput is a businessman, a digital social activist, and a YouTuber from India. He is well renowned for his social issue videos. His singular viewpoint on every societal issue, including feminism, the school system, corruption, and other subjects.

6. Only Desi 
Only Desi makes parodies of Bollywood songs and trailers. As a bonus, they also occasionally upload music videos. Their content makes them one of the most underrated YouTubers in India.

7. Tried & Refused Production (Anmol Jamwal)
This channel is mostly known for its reviews, analyses and discussions of Bollywood films. Apart from that, Anmol Jamwal also uploads dance routines!

8. Fit Tuber 
Vivek Mittal, better known online as “Fit Tuber,” is a well-known figure in the fitness industry. Fit Tuber is a YouTube channel that, as its name suggests, primarily focuses on physical fitness and overall health. To reach a larger audience, he established a second channel under the moniker Fit Tuber Hindi. The goal of Fit Tuber is to help people realise that their health comes first. Everything else will take care of itself as long as you have a healthy body and feel good about yourself. He has produced a number of videos on issues such as fitness and health, healthy cooking, safeguarding oneself from dangerous chemicals found in everyday products, and weight loss.

9. DeeWayTime 
Dhruv Walecha is the real name of Dee Way Time. He is a male YouTuber, social media influencer, and streamer of video games. His extremely amusing face reactions, commentary, and gameplay videos on his YouTube channel and Instagram account entertain his audience.

10. Soch by Mohak Mongal 
The purpose of Soch by Mohak Mangal is to educate Indians about important issues that affect our society yet are either disregarded or accepted without much consideration. Every video on this channel covers a brand-new topic after doing a significant study. On May 1, 2018, Soch launched his YouTube channel, which has received more than 11 million views

This was our list of the most underrated YouTubers in India. Did your favourite make it to this list?

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