Upcoming TV Shows Releasing In February 2023 You Must Watch

With the arrival of the lockdown came a lot of free time for many of us. This meant skyrocketing watch-times on many OTT platforms, where people were bingeing movies and TV shows. This has left many of us awaiting the return of some of our favourites, or in an attempt to find new shows to watch. In this list, find the list of upcoming TV shows in February 2023 (English).


1. Not Dead Yet: February 8

Premiering on ABC, this comedy show is about Nell (Gina Rodriguez), a woman trying to restart her life. After having left her job as a journalist five years prior for her boyfriend, she is now trying to navigate the world she left behind. When she begins seeing the dead, she’s even more unsure of what she’s doing, which makes the show seem extra exciting.

2. The Flash (Season 9): February 8

The finale of the show is airing on The CW from February 8th, which deals with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) returning as the Flash and the end of the ‘Arrowverse.’

3. You (Season 4, Part 1): February 9

The trailer for the show released on January 9th, and fans were given a glimpse of Joe (Penn Badgley) in his new look. Set in London, it shows him befriending a group of “privileged douchebags” as he describes it. Look out for the show on Netflix. The second part releases on March 9.

4. Star Trek: Picard (Season 3): February 16

The finale of the show is set to air on Paramount+. The show follows Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart), the retired admiral and in this season, his new adventures against a new enemy.

5. The Upshaws (Season 3): February 16

This sitcom is about a family from Indiana, and their attempts to survive as a working-class family. It premiered on Netflix.

6. Carnival Row (Season 2): February 17

The series is set in a fantasy world with interactions between humans and mythical creatures. The show is set to release its second and final season on Prime Video. The cast includes Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in pivotal roles, who share a complicated history. The complexities of the lives of the mythical creatures in the oppressive human world is a primary theme.

7. The Company You Keep: February 19

Teasing an enemies-to-lovers, this show depicts a one-night stand between a criminal Charlie (Milo Ventimiglia) and a CIA agent Emma (Catherine Haena Kim). The consequences of this make up the rest of the show. Watch The Company You Keep on ABC.

8. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal: February 22

This miniseries will be available on Netflix. It follows the case of the Murdaugh family, involved in serious crimes that are being tried even during the present time.

9. Outer Banks (Season 3): February 23

In the trailer released for this upcoming season of Outer Banks, viewers are treated to a new look of the Pogues. Filled with action sequences, threats and a new budding romance, fans are already hyped for this show to drop on February 23rd on Netflix.

10. The Consultant: February 24

Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz) is a consultant at a gaming company, in this dark comedy thriller. The show premieres on Prime Video internationally. It will see how the company’s fate unfolds under the watchful eye of the new consultant.

Which of the upcoming TV shows in February 2023 are you most excited to watch or discover for the first time?

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