Unseen Uttarakhand’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

The parts of Uttarakhand we generally hear about are  places like Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Nainital and Jim Corbett. But Uttarakhand is also a home to several hidden treasures. One such region that caught our attention lately was the Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand.

This district nestles some of the most pristine valleys and picturesque treks in the Himalayan region. Most of the destinations in this region is a 14-15 hours journey from the capital city of Delhi. This time we decided to experience the untouched natural beauty of this region. We carried a Panasonic Lumix G85 camera with us – a camera that good help us shoot the beautiful landscapes as well as create amazing 4k videos and time lapses.

Here are a few of the best landscapes we shot during this trip and how we captured it.

Deorial Tal Trek & The Lake

Deoria Tal is one of the high altitude lakes located in Uttarakhand. This lake is reachable by a 2.3 km  trek from Sari Village – 55 km from the city of Rudraprayag. The trek route to this lake gave us some of the most beautiful frames of the mountains around this region. We used the Intelligent auto feature of the Panasonic Lumix G85 to capture these images. It produced good results adjusting the camera settings to capture the landscape quite well.

Mountains and Clouds Enroute (Shot On Panasonic Lumix G85)

Deoria Tal Lake (Shot On Panasonic Lumix G85)

Deoria Tal lake is surrounded by beautiful and lush green meadows. We used the time lapse feature of our Lumix to create a 4k video of this landscape. We clicked around 300 images in a span of 15-20 minutes which the camera compiled for this video.

Time Lapse Near The Deoria Tal Lake (Shot On Panasonic Lumix G85)


Chopta is a small hamlet in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, around 450 km from Delhi. This place is more popular as the base of the treks of Tungnath and Chandrashila. We were lucky to get a few amazing shots of this place.

To get better detail in the photos we clicked here, we lowered the aperture size and delayed the shutter speed in the manual mode of the camera.

The landscape in Chopta (Shot On Panasonic LumixG85)

With the clouds moving swiftly from one mountain peak to another at Chopta, it was the perfect setting for a time lapse. This time we placed the Lumix on a small rock where the frame seemed perfect. We managed to capture two-time lapses at Chopta. We were delighted with the end result we finally got.

Time Lapse Shot at Chopta (Shot On Panasonic Lumix G85)

Chandrashila Trek

A 6 km trek from Chopta leads you to the Chandrashila peak, at an altitude of 4000m. The trek is one of the most picturesque routes when it comes to beginner treks. Vast meadows, blue skies, evergreen forests and views of Himalayan peaks make it a lensman’s delight. 4 km into the trek, you reach the Tungnath temple – the World’s highest Shiva temple and 2 km from Tungnath lies the Chandrashila peak.

We captured several photos and shots during this trek. We preferred using the Intelligent Auto mode to take photos here because we did not want to waste our time in adjusting our camera settings. We had tested this feature earlier and it had produced good results.

The landscapes enroute the Chandrashila trek (Shot On Panasonic LumixG85)

We reached Chandrashila – one of the most picturesque mountains peaks and were met with some disappointment. The weather was cloudy and bad. The majestic views from the mountains were missing and a complete cloud cover left us with little light for photos.

We however adjusted the camera setting to capture two-time lapses at Chandrashila.

Time Lapse At An Altitude of 4000M – The Chandrashila Peak

Step Farms In Rudraprayag District

One of the most prominent things in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand is the vast step farms spread all over the mountains. We came across several landscapes of this kind throughout our journey. We captured most of the shots using the Intelligent Auto feature of the Lumix as we were constantly on the move and it was the best way to click photos without worrying about adjusting you camera settings every time.

Here are a few good shots we captured.

Step-farms at Rudraprayag (Shot On Panasonic Lumix G85)

At the end of the trip, we barely had space on our memory cards  to shoot more videos. It was a divine experience in its totality and to be honest I cannot wait to get back to explore deeper into the Rudraprayag district.

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