Victor Valdes – the legend of Barça and the failure of the national team

Some footballers prove with their professional careers that they are meant for a particular club and that outside of it they are no longer legends. On, these players are less likely to win individual awards. If we consider the most popular athletes who fit this description, we can definitely highlight Victor Valdes. The future Barcelona star joined the main team at 18. Sometimes, he took to the field even then, although he didn’t have a regular place at the squad. However, he became an indispensable goalkeeper after several seasons. As a result, he played 535 matches for Barça and conceded 434 goals. Naturally, even after he decided to move to Manchester United, 1xBet analysts saw him as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. However, the transfer to the “Red Devils” camp is still considered one of the most disastrous in the 21st century. As part of the grand team of English football, Victor Valdes played only two matches. Moreover, half of the time spent on a contract in this team, he played on loan for the Belgian “Standard”.

He ended his career in the modest Middlesbrough. Despite the fact that this team is known to football fans, it didn’t have big ambitions during Valdes’ time. Despite this, even for such teams, 1xBet – live bet score is available for the company’s clients. As noted above, a footballer such as Valdes was perfect for Barcelona, ​​but outside Catalonia, he no longer showed that goalkeeper’s grip. Perhaps this was because of the player’s age, because at the time of his transfer to Manchester United he was 32 years old. In the Spanish national team, he never became the main player, as evidenced by the live bet score from 1xBet during that time. After all, it was almost impossible to play against Iker Casillas on equal terms. As a result, he played only 20 matches, although his performance was pretty great, because he conceded only 9 goals during this time.

What Valdes achieved as a player

Naturally, the very fact that Victor Valdes played for Barcelona in its best years gave him the opportunity to be part of this great team. Bet football – wasn’t particularly beneficial to fans at the time. This is because the team was considered the favorite in almost every match. The main awards in the player’s career:

  • six-time champion of Spain;
  • three times winner of the Champions League;
  • World and European champion in the Spanish national team;
  • he was named the best goalkeeper of the Spanish championship twice.

As a result, despite the somewhat disastrous final stage of his career, this goalkeeper managed to write his name in history. Now you can make football bets for the matches of all teams for which he played on 1xBet. Perhaps, Barcelona will have a new Valdes.

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