50 Most Viral Indian Meme Templates From 2021


2021 was a rollercoaster of a year, much like the year before it and the year that has followed, up till now. With the good, the bad and the ugly, came the memes. Memes have been our coping mechanism since years now, having helped us laugh and snicker our way through it all. With so much happening around us, there was definitely no dearth of meme-worthy content and incidents. Let’s take a look at some of the super funny and viral Indian meme templates from 2021 that had us laugh our guts out.

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1. When you’re an introvert at a party, and then you find your best friend there. 

2. When you take her out, but forget 

3. * crush walks by *

That one friend, looking at you : 

4. “Jitna bhi try karlo bunny, din mein ekbar ‘Kacha Badam’ sunne se bach nahi paaoge” 

5. When that one friend asks you to pay their share, AGAIN : 

6.  Me after beating my younger siblings.

7. When you attached the wrong file to submit for your online exams 

You to your professor :

8. When your ex comes back after months of ghosting you: 

9. Best friends after having the most intense fight you can possibly imagine : 

“Chal koi baat nahi”

10. The entire world to the virus right now : 

(Aur hum se bhi!)

11. You to your crush when they just had a breakup: 

12. First day of college v/s a month into your first year 

“Ye kya ho gaya bhaai?”

13. “Now that COVID is finally over, let’s plan a trip! “

Variant BA.2 :

14. “Mere bete ko jeet ki aadat tab lagegi, jab wo ye WhatsApp pe ‘Slambook of the year’ forwards bhejna bandh karega” 

15. When you have multiple personalities, one for each friend group : 

16. When you stand up to that professor everyone dreads 

Your entire class :

17. You thinking about the time you didn’t have to report for work and life was all fun and games 

18. “It’s the 21st century, everybody’s treated as equal now”

19. Topper: I don’t know if I’ll even pass tbh 

The entire class :

20. Me resisting the urge to say “told you” every time someone has a breakup: 

21. When you stayed home from the party but now have major FOMO 

You to your only confidante, the best friend :

22. You and your sibling fighting : 

        Enter, your dad : 

23. World War 3 pe memes banana, is not funny! 

24. “Jal lijiye, thak gaye honge Insta story pe ST/TM likhte likhte” 


25. When you get to know exams are postponed : 

26. When you’re freaking out before your exams, but the topper is your friend : 

27. When your friend cancels on you to hang out with someone else : 

“O mera dhola ni aaya dhola”

28. When that one person cracks the lamest joke for the 101th time : 

29. *Buys a ton of books* 

“You’re going to start reading them, right?” 


“You’re going to read them, right?”

30. When your best friend ditches you for a date : 

31. Hindi songs in Bollywood movies v/s Punjabi songs in Bollywood movies

32. When you get to hear experts talking about a fourth Covid wave: 

33. Agarwal, Agrawal, Aggarwal, Agarval… 

34. When you post something on social media after having been MIA for long: 

35. When you’re describing exactly the ways you were beaten up by your father as a child:

“Aisa koi kaam nahi jo babuji ne nahi kiya ho”

36. When you got to know PUBG is going to get banned. 

37. When she doesn’t reply to your “Jinne mera dil luteya” with “Oho” 

38. That one smart guy in your group of otherwise useless friends: 

39. *world going into chaos in the second wave of COVID* 

*Me, logging in at 8 AM to for another day of working from home*

40. Small v/s gigachad bodybuilder : 

‘Alpha’ males v/s those who don’t give a shit 

41. Itna chubhne laga hu sabko, Money Heist ka Arturo to nahi hu?

42. When your crush cracks an unfunny joke but you have to laugh extra hard: 

43. Me with my curriculars: 

44. Jab We Met supremacy. For life. 

45. When the teacher asks you to go up to the board and solve the sum : 

“Ye meri expertise nahi hai, I’m out”

46. “Haldi doodh ko Turmeric Latte kehke peete hain – maaf kardu inhe?!”

47. Guy: “I’m not really in a good place right now”

Girl: “Makes sense, you’re still on this planet”

48. Those who have to go to work in person now v/s those who don’t 

49. When the class topper reminds the teacher about pending tests:

50. Aag lage chahe basti mein… you know the drill. 

Did we miss out on any of the viral Indian meme templates from 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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