23 Most Hilarious and Viral Indian Meme Templates of 2022

2022 has been a ride so far. We have faced another wave of the virus, a lot of challenges on the political front, mourned the demise of loved celebrities, and are currently witnessing one of the biggest international developments in the recent past. To think that not even a quarter of the year has passed! Amidst this chaos, a lot of great content has come up, and with that, what has remained constant are memes. Memes as modes of venting or just to distract ourselves from all that is happening around us have always been really popular. Let’s look at some of the most viral Indian meme templates of 2022, till date.


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1. You and your best friend contemplating your life choices : 

2. When Ma has a chappal in hand, aimed at you: 

3. After successfully getting through a presentation without having a breakdown : 

4. Every math teacher when the bell rings and everyone starts to leave the class : 

5. When you are bombarded with assignment after assignment : 

6. Your friend commenting on your non-existent love life : 

7. Even after bargaining with the shopkeeper for an hour: 

8. “Loyalty matlab…”

Ex : “Matlab nahi chahiye Dubey ji, hum upyog hi nahi karege”

9. Me, an introvert, clinging to that one friend in class I talk to:

10. When that one rich friend says she’s broke “for real”:

11. SBI employees when you ask something

12. When your best friend falls in love for the 3rd time in a week.

13. My brain when I open Insta reels.

14. When you can abuse in 5 different languages.

15. 20 years old me after eating fire paan.

16. Me: Time to sleep, subah jaldi uthna hai
My phone:

17. Nobody:
Husband to wife: 

18. Me to my group member after presenting my part in front of the class.

19. When you are the only one wearing mask in the bus

20. My salary v/s my expenses.

21. When you are watching an IPL match and she asks you to go shopping.

22. Friend: IPL is fixed yaar
Me (hardcore cricket lover) –

23. When your friends ask you to join the video call.
Introvert me:

We hope you had a good laugh with these most viral Indian meme templates of 2022! Did we miss out on any of the funniest ones? Let us know in the comment section below.

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