From Rashi to Annanya: Here Are The 20 Most Viral Indian Videos of 2020

We keep saying this, and it seems like we’ll never stop saying this, but 2020 was a really weird year, guys. The pandemic caused unforeseen situations, with twists and turns even George R R Martin couldn’t have imagined. And thanks to the internet, the events of this year will forever remain in our collective memories. Or until whenever global warming catches up and we all die. Anyway, here are the most viral Indian videos of 2020, the year that we wish wasn’t.

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1. Go Corona!

Before Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, the uncertainty around this mysterious disease was tangible. With misinformation spreading throughout the country like wildfire, Union minister Ramdas Athawale’s “Go Corona” chant became instantly viral.

The video became so popular people even made catchy remixes out of it.


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2. Yashraj Mukhate’s Rise to Fame

2020 was a year of remixes. After the various versions of the Go Corona song, another remix to go viral was Yashraj Mukhate’s hilarious remix of a scene from long running TV show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. This was easily one of the most viral videos of 2020, and a defining moment for the Indian internet.


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The video made Yashraj Mukhate a household name, giving him millions of followers across various platforms.

3. This remix of Arnab Goswami ranting about drugs.

Indian media this year, for the most part, seemed to be pissing people off in all directions. Indian media’s work ethic was constantly under scrutiny, and Arnab became the face of everything that seemed wrong with his industry. Consequently, one of Arnab’s rant about drugs became viral, and was naturally remixed into various songs. 


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4. This video of reporters chasing after Deepika Padukone’s car. 

As I said, it was a strange year for the Indian media. Knowing that people have died in the past because of being chased by the paparazzi, the video makes one especially uncomfortable.  

5. This video of an enormously happy Zomato employee. 

With most of 2020 being a pile of burning garbage, videos like these lightened our lives. Sonu’s infectious smile was soon the talk of the internet.  

6. This video of a cop threatening people to keep them inside. 

Because whatever works, right? 

7. CarryMinati’s Love Letter to TikTok 

Even though the popular Youtuber’s video was taken down in a day, his video had already garnered over 75 million views, making it one of the most viral videos of 2020. The Indian government banned TikTok shortly after for security reasons, so we can only imagine who had the last laugh here.  

8. This Sikh boy dancing his heart out. 

This video of a little sikh dude dancing in front of excited puppies made the internet a slightly happier place amid a raging pandemic. 

9. This video of a young girl who fought off snatchers all by herself. 

Fifteen-year-old Kusum Kumari from Jalandhar went viral when she fought off a couple of phone snatchers on her own and managed to have one of the snatchers arrested.

10. This Doctor’s Ghungroo dance that impressed Hrithik Roshan himself. 

2020 would have been the absolute end of the world if the medical community hadn’t pulled up its sleeves to save humanity. With most doctors being overworked and away from family, videos of dancing doctors and patients started pouring in from around the world. Dr Anup Senapati may never have imagined that his video would become as popular as it did. The video was one of the most viral videos of 2020, and we’re glad it was. 

11. This video of a woman and her neighbors successfully stopping a four year old from getting kidnapped. 

The country was positively in awe of the sheer coordination this woman and her neighbours worked with to stop her four year old daughter from getting kidnapped. 

12. This trend where everything was cake. 

In one of the strangest internet trends, everything was cake. These extremely realistic fondant cakes are notoriously creepy to look at. 


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13. This video of Jyotiraditya Scindia’s politically significant slip of tongue. 

The popular politician shocked many when he defected to BJP earlier in 2020 after working for the INC for two decades. In a hilarious incident, the former minister accidentally asked people to vote for Congress instead of BJP.

14. This video of a child getting a haircut. 

Many would admit that they have had some terrible moments of doubt while getting a haircut. Well, this little kid agrees. This viral video had the child having a meltdown while getting a haircut. Well, for adults, the haircut usually comes after the meltdown. But to each his own. 

15. This video of Ananya Pandey talking about the struggles of her life.

I mean, of course, 2020 was a year of hilarious content. It had to be – after all, we started the year with this video of Ananya Pandey talking about how much she has struggled in the industry despite her father being a part of it. However, Siddhant Chaturvedi had a savage reply ready, and Ananya didn’t even know what hit her.

16. This video of Lucky Ali Singing O Sanam with a lone guitar

In one of the sweetest videos of 2020, Lucky Ali sings his song, O Sanam while playing the guitar. The video was an instant hit as people around the country found themselves nostalgic of simpler times.

17. This video that got comedian Kunal Kamra banned from IndiGo.

If anybody had a quiet time in the year 2020, it was definitely not Arnab Goswami. His year began with Kunal Kamra confronting him in this viral video. The comedian was consequently banned from IndiGo airlines.

18. This video by Indian Youtuber Gourav Vasan about an old couple struggling to meet ends.

When Youtuber Gourav Vasan uploaded the video about a tiny stall called Baba ka Dhaba owned by an old couple struggling after the lockdown, he probably did not anticipate it to blow up the way it did. Not only did it become one of the most viral Indian videos of 2020, it also resulted in thousands of people flocking to the stall and many helping out the couple in question. The whole situation, however, turned murky when the couple accused Gaurav of scamming them.

19. This video of a doctor dancing to Nora Fatehi’s popular dance number, “Haaye Garmi”

Another viral video of a doctor dancing was Richa Negi’s dance cover of the popular song, Haaye Garmi. The young doctor now has a whole Instagram account dedicated to her dance covers.


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20. This video of Baba Ramdev falling off of an elephant.

The famous yoga guru was seen falling off of an elephant while performing yoga in this now-viral video. However, he reportedly managed to come out uninjured.

Well, these videos made 2020 eventful even with all of us having to stay indoors. If by any chance we forgot any of your favourite viral indian videos of 2020, do comment below!

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