Virtual Reality Gaming: What’s Available and What are the Alternatives?

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In seeking to create more immersive opportunities, the gaming industry has embraced virtual reality technology. It’s a testament to the development’s early impact on the sector that GlobeNewswire states that the VR gaming market is forecast to reach a value of $42.50 billion by 2025. Should this happen, it will mark a compound annual growth rate of 32.75 percent from 2020 to 2025. But what games are spearheading this latest phenomenon? Well, let’s take a look at a few titles and consider alternatives to VR gameplay.

Immersive Alternatives are Available 

Few can argue that VR doesn’t strive to bring heightened levels of immersion to the gaming industry. However, the technology is still somewhat in its infancy, meaning that market alternatives continue to rival the development in offering a fun-filled route to the latest titles. For example, open-world games across different consoles bring a sense of adventure and freedom to the gaming industry. Creations like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are available on traditional consoles, as well as PCs and the Nintendo Switch. According to How Long to Beat, the CD Projekt creation features around 193 hours of gameplay, making it an immersive alternative to VR gaming.

While there are many open-world adventures to enjoy on traditional consoles, immersive gaming isn’t limited to mainstream genres. Alternatively, those longing for action-packed experiences outside of VR can also turn to the ever-expanding online casino sector. At Genesis mobile online casino, registered users will find a selection of smartphone-optimized bonuses and games. While video slots like Book of Dead adopt an open-world-inspired story-telling approach to gameplay, real-time alternatives, such as Dream Catcher and Teen Patti, strive to rival VR gaming’s interactivity and realism.

What are the Best VR Games?

Following the rise of VR gaming, the technology’s library has grown significantly. Now, there are many titles available to modern-day gamers. Half-Life: Alyx offered plenty of promise before its release, and the Valve Corporation creation didn’t disappoint when it hit the market in March 2020. According to the title’s official website, Alyx takes place between Half-Life and Half-Life 2. The PC-only game is Valve’s first venture into the Half-Life space since 2007, and the first-person shooter supports most VR headsets. In staying true to the series’ roots, this immersive VR title features smooth physics and thought-provoking puzzles.

Aside from Half-Life: Alyx, increasing numbers of open-world titles have since sought to embrace virtual reality. Despite the original game being released in May 2011, Rockstar unveiled L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files in December 2017. The 1940s-themed development features seven cases from the original title, while the creators have also added new VR-only modes. As per Rockstar’s website, these include a boxing and speedcar racing mode, the latter of which allows players to compete against the AI on off-road tracks in classic cars.

Is VR the Future of Gaming?

While there are no guarantees that VR will stand the test of time, it appears likely that the technology will play a significant role in the gaming industry’s future. Market value projections indicate a popularity increase over the coming years, while the success of titles like Half-Life: Alyx will help to elevate VR’s status. As a result, while there’s already plenty available, the future offers real promise.

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