12 Brilliant Quotes By Lord Varys That Prove He Is The Master Of Words As Well.

Varys he? He’s everywhere.. *Lurking in the shadows, enters one of the most dangerous men in Westeros* Yes, we’re talking about the master of whisperers, the Spider – Lord Varys, the skilled and cunning manipulator who always has something up his sleeve. The guy’s come a long way from the streets to advising the big players of the seven kingdoms. We bring to you quotes by Lord Varys that prove he is the master of whisperers and words as well.

1. Appealing to both profane and sacred, the Spider’s got a way with words.

someone who inspires priests and whores is worth taking seriously-lord varys quotes

2. Lord Varys, the Stoned-hearted…

influence grows like a weed-lord varys quotes

3. From the sexual prowess of a squire to weaknesses of great kings, the Master of Whispers knows it all.

prodigies appear in the oddest of places-lord varys quotes

4. Westeros has no place for beginners or sensitive hearts, and who’s known it better than Varys, who found a way to royalty starting from the horror-esque bottom

perhaps we have grown so used to horror we assume there's no other way-lord varys quotes

5. Born a slave, orphaned, tossed and sold, despised and hated, Varys still vowed to live and built his way to power and riches.

any fool with a bit of luck can find him self into power. but earning it for yourself, that takes work-lord varys quotes

6. The patient Spider is in it for the long haul, and nobody knows how to stop him. Subtly paddling wherever the power is…

the storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eats the little fish, and i keep on the paddling-lord varys quotes

7. Can’t beat him at logic. Nope.

i suppose it is hard for a fanatic to admit a mistake. is it that the whole point of being a fanatic? you are always right. everything is the lord's will.-lord varys quotes

8. Achieving what he has with just his ‘little birds’, Varys gotta be the real MVP!

a child's faith such sweet innocence and yet they say wisdom often comes from the mouths of babes-lord varys quotes

9. Couldn’t agree more…

there is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man-lord varys quotes

10. Perks of being a castrate… But yes, no foolish illusions, thus.

the absence of desire leave one free to pursue other things.-lord varys quotes

11. Has all the power he wants, but still a champion of the people.

the powerful have always preyed on the powerless, that is how they became powerful in the first place.-lord varys quotes

12. Many have vengeance on their minds in Westeros but nobody’s as patient as the Spider.

a very small man can cast a very large shadow.-lord varys quotes

But, sadly the people of Westeros aren’t as smart and fall for the facade that Spidey has created of him being this effeminate, servile and radiant man. Let us know your favourite quote by whispering in the comment section, coz you never know if someone’s eavesdropping…

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