You’d Never Have Guessed These Weird Habits of Indian Celebrities

A lot of times we are so dazzled by the whole star persona that we forget that celebrities too are people. And like any of us, they too have their own unique set of quirks and oddities. While many of them do not make sense to you or me, I guess anybody would do anything if they could do it – and stardom brings infinite reservoirs of capabilities to do things. Here are some weird habits of Indian celebrities that you would never have guessed!

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Sushmita Sen 

Sushmita Sen stole the hearts of many when she was crowned Miss Universe in 1994. While her resplendent charm and sensual beauty have helped her a bunch, what has set her apart from other faces in the industry is her unwillingness to conform. Sen never married, yet adopted a girl child when she was in her early 20s, and has proved to be a capable single mother. However, Sen likes to be a badass even while she’s bathing, and enjoys a quiet bath on her terrace.

Shah Rukh Khan 

One of the most sought after leading men in the industry and arguably the most popular Bollywood celebrity overseas, Shah Rukh Khan apparently enjoys sleeping with his shoes on – even in bed. I mean, whatever keeps you going on a hard day’s night, right?

Sunny Leone 

The former adult actress made a career switch after she began her career in Bollywood after a (pretty)  successful stint at Bigg Boss. Covid has left us all way too concerned about hygiene, with most of us washing our hands like absolute maniacs. But some people have more specific preoccupations. Apparently, the actress obsessively washes her feet every fifteen minutes – talk about a foot fetish!

Saif Ali Khan 

We’re all guilty of parading our phones into the loo lest we get bored. But when you have generations and generations worth of inheritence, you can fix whatever stupid problem you have. Which is why Saif, the current Nawab of Pataudi, gets to build himself a tiny library in his bathroom. He even has a telephone connection in there – like Joey did in the second season of Friends. At least Saif isn’t bringing his cellphone to the bathroom, which, by the way, can be as dirty as a toilet seat.


Are you even a celebrity if you are not secretly gross? Jeetendra apparently likes eating papaya while taking a dump. To each his own, but it’s a hard pass for most of us. Excuse me while I puke.

Amitabh Bachcan

While Amitabh Bachchan is undoubtedly one of the most successful Bollywood stars in the history of cinema, success did not come to the star as easily. In fact, his trademark baritone voice that has become more or less his identity over the years, was the very reason why he was denied work in the beginning. However, now that success doesn’t seem to leave his presence, the star is able to afford several luxury watches, which he likes to show off by wearing two watches at once – okay I’m kidding. The star does wear two watches; apparently he started doing it when his son Abhishek lived in Europe, and there was a time discrepency. The actor continues to wear two watches still only as a fashion statement, however.

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