21 Weirdest Red Carpet Celebrity Outfits

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m watching an award show (or any big-ticket event for that matter), the one thing I enjoy the most is celebrity appearances and their outfits on the red carpet. Celebs and their team of stylists spend weeks picking out the right look – from a fancy designer outfit to hair and make-up, just so that when they walk down that glorious red carpet, the shutterbugs go crazy. But alas, not every celeb gets their red carpet look right.

From barely-there dresses to outfits that swallow celebs from top to bottom, we’ve seen our favorite superstars look like super-freaks on the red carpet many times. Here are 21 of the most bizarre looks that famous celebs rocked on the red carpet and left us feeling confused. We strongly advise against replicating any of these at your friend’s cocktail (or any event, anywhere).

1) Priyanka wearing a gigantic tent disguised as a trench coat
The God of all memes.

2) Rihanna wearing an omelet
How many eggs did it take to make this dress?

3) Miley Cyrus wearing what clearly looks like just duct tape
You can get this look by visiting your local hardware store.

4) Sonam wearing a bigger tent to give PeeCee a run for her money (and also, tent)
How do you go to bathroom wearing one of these?

5) Rihanna, umm, naked on the red carpet

6) Toni Braxton using bandages to cover her modesty
And failing at it.

7) Katy Perry wearing the red carpet
No wonder this event didn’t have a red carpet ‘cause Katy was wearing it.

8) Madonna wearing a mosquito net
Also, who needs a bra?

9) Nicki Minaj all buckled up
How can she look so naked with so many clothes on?

10) Aishwarya giving you a kiss of death with her purple lips and washed out face
She’s giving a whole new meaning to drop dead gorgeous.

11) Rihanna dressed in we don’t know what
Are these garbage bags? Bunched up newspapers? We can’t tell.

12) Vidya Balan looking like a kid at a fancy dress competition
Maybe she was on a (very) tight budget.

13) JLo baring her butt for everyone to see
But then that’s her best ASS-et.

14) Huma Qureshi wearing a deflated hot air balloon
Maybe she made an emergency landing at this event.

15) JLo in what is potentially a wardrobe malfunction
This dress has a Wikipedia page of its own!

16) Lil Kim letting it all hang out
That’s a “big” fashion blunder!

17) Ranveer Singh in his mom’s ghagra
Let’s not skirt around how bad this look is.

18) SJP channeling her inner Ravan
That look is definitely a head-turner!

19) Sonam Kapoor wearing a rug
Do you dry clean this dress or vacuum it?

20) Nicki Minaj looking blasphemous
And offending religious people all over the world, despite being all covered up for once!

21) And finally, Bjork wearing a swan
Sparking the origin of fashion memes!

We hope these outfits will inspire you into knowing WHAT NOT to wear. Ever! But if you do, you just might find yourself on our list.

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