25 Memes From ‘Welcome’ Movie’s Dialogues & Scenes

The 2007 meme Welcome has become the new favorite of Netizens when it comes to making memes on twitter and other social media channels. From politics and news to entertainment and sports, these memes have been apt to describe everyday happenings. The musings of Majnu Bhai and deliberations of Uday Bhai have inspired numerous memes from Welcome.

We bring you some of the popular dialogues and scenes of the movie Welcome which have becomes meme material for natizens.

1. When the students who scores barely 40% asks for an additional answer sheet
Me: Ab ghodo ki race me gadhe bhi daudenge

2. When Modi sees Imran Khan speaking about Article 370
Modi: Bolne de.. takleef hua hai bechare ko

3. When someone already owes me a lot of money and calls to ask me for more…
Tera baap yaha pe chodd ke gaya tha ya ki teri ma?

4. Himesh Reshammiya to Singing reality show contestants…
Sadak se utha kar star banaunga

5. When lockdowns after lockdowns are announced
Me: Seh Lenge Thoda Sa

6. Going to the bathroom in school when I was a kid…
Me to my friends: Aye tum log bhi chalo na mere sath

7. Integration & Differentiation to science students…
Arey Daro mat, mai sirf dikhne mai khatarnak hoon

8. When I get lot of likes on my DP but a friend says it’s not that nice…
Me: “Saala jalta hai tu mujhse”

9. Whenever I see any of my friends or acquaintances joining Tik Tok
Bhai Sahab, ye kis line mei aa gaye aap?

10. When my crush sends me a heart emoji. 😍 
My Friends: Lagta hai aapke pyaar me gir gayi bhai

11. Narendra Modi to Nehru every other day…
Are kabtak teri galtiyo ka tokra apne sir par ghoomata rahunga

12. When my Mom asks how was the exam…
Me: Ye raaz bhi usi ke saath chala gaya

13. When someone finally writes something on a WhatsGroup after months
Everyone: Dekho ye Zinda Hai

14. Me waiting for just a ‘1’ to win a Ludo game & the other player reaches home before me
Me: Meri Kismat Hi Kharab Hai

15. When I was made the Class monitor!
Bhagwan ka diya hua Sabkuch hai.. Daulath hai, Shohrat hai Izzat hai

16. When I am walking past the Paani Puri Waala but am on a diet
Control Uday. Control

17. When I post something on Instagram or Facebook after days…
Me: Abhi Hum Zinda Hai

18. My niece and nephews on Family WhatsApp Group after every 2 days…

19. When a Congress leader appreciates Narendra Modi…

20. When my room mate asks me to make tea on a Winter night
Me: Meri ek taang nakli hai

 21. When there is too much melodrama before cutting the cake & I am too hungry to wait
Me: Cut it Yaar Cut it!

22. When I think of telling my friend that he is going to be friend-zoned again…

23. Me with my pals after I know my friend was friend zoned again…

24. Me imagining myself after the lockdown…

25. When I ask why my elder sibling is pampered a lot
Elder Sibling: Sabse pehle mai hi toh aaya tha

The memes from Welcome doesn’t seem to stop and the entire movie has given a lot of ammunition to the online memes and twitteratis. Which of these Welcome movie memes are your favorite? Do comment below!

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