What is Pescatarianism and What Are the Benefits?

The practice of integrating seafood into a vegetarian diet is known as Pescatarianism. 

An individual who is a pescatarian, he/she incorporates fish and sea food into their vegetarian diet instead of meat and chicken If we see the overall ratio throughout the globe, so we will be able to find 3% of the worldwide population as pescatarians.

There are multiple reasons as to why do the people let go of their habits of poultry and meat but still prefer fish and sea food. Some choose to add sea food and fish in their vegetarian diet in order to avail the health benefits of both; a heart-healthy fish as well as the nutrition of a plant-based diet. And for some individuals it is simply a matter of taste as they are super eager to satisfy their taste buds.

However, making yourself habitual of such a diet is not really easy specially for people who crave for good taste, and then to be able to find the right ingredients again becomes a tough task to accomplish in order to make the right kind of dish that you want to. 

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Origin of pescatarianism

This terminology was brought up in the early 1990s from the combination of the Italian word for fish known as “pesce” and “vegetarian” the English word. “Pesce” is also written as pescatarian, but both the word means the same thing.

By literal definition, someone who choses to opt for a vegetarian diet but also eats seafood and fish is known as a pescatarian.

A pescatarian diet is largely a plant-based diet in which fish plays the key role of the ultimate source of protein whereas it also contains wholegrains, legumes, nuts, and also produces healthy fats for an individual. Many pescatarians also eat dairy products and eggs (excluding the consumption of chicken).

Reasons Why People opt For a Pescatarian Diet

There are multiple reasons as to why people end up becoming pescatarians, and here are a few that we have mentioned for you.

Health Benefits 

There are a lot of factual proven benefits of the plant-based diets that includes a lowered risk of chronic diseases such as heart problems, obesity and diabetic issues.

According to some researches it is found that women who are pescatarians, tend to have gained 1.1kg lesser than non-pescatarian women each year. Also, the people who drifted towards being a plant-based dietary routine have a tendency to gain a lesser amount of weight, which shows that reducing the consumption of animal meat may be beneficial no matter whatever their existing eating pattern may be.

Another study shows that pescatarians individuals have had a lower risk of evolving diabetes at the ratio of 4.8% as compared to individuals who are omnivores to 7.6%.

Furthermore, a study which was done on a massive scale concluded that people who were pescatarians had a lower risk of 22% for dying of heart diseases as compared to the individuals who were non-pescatarians.

Environmental Concerns

Raising the livestock includes a high cost on the environment. According to UN, when the livestock is raised it contributes to almost 15% of the overall carbon emissions that are man-made. In comparison the production of fish and seafood gives out lesser carbon footprint than making any kind of animal cheese or meat. 

A study that was done in 2014 has calculated that the food consumption of seafood eaters caused the greenhouse emissions to be 46% lesser than the food consumption of individuals who went with eating at least one serving of meat a day

Ethical Reasons 

Ethics are one of the major reasons why people choose to change their eating habits. And so it can be one of the major reasons for the pescatarians too. 

Some of the basic ethical reasons that drive people towards choosing to become vegetarians are;

 Inhumane practices in the factories 

They end up refusing their support to the factories where the livestock is raised in very inhumane living conditions.

Opposition of slaughter 

They do not want the animals to be slaughtered for food.

Humanitarian Reasons 

They have a mindset where they consider that using the land for producing animal feed is an unjust practice bearing in mind the level of hunger that is found all across the globe.

The labor conditions that are poor 

They condemn the factory farms where the conditions for the workers are very poor. 

 Find the Best pescatarian Meal at your Doorstep!

Now, comes the major concern as to which food items are actually the ones that lets you stay within the parameters of a pescatarian dietary routine. For this, it is important to know as to what products does the pescatarians eat which are as follows:

  • Grain products and whole grain
  • Legumes and its products, that includes lentils, hummus, tofu and beans 
  • Nut butters and nuts, seeds and peanuts
  • Seeds that include flaxseeds and chia seeds
  • Dairy products (yoghurt, milk, cheese)
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Shell fish and Fish
  • Eggs

Being able to make a pescatarian meal whilst having a hectic routine every day is indeed a task, which is why the ideal option for you is to go with the opportunity of getting your favorite meal delivered to you at your door step, and that too within a very reasonable price range

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Talking about satisfying needs and wants and then specifying the point of being a pescatarian it becomes tough to be able to store the ingredients for long, fish; to be specific. Although fish and sea food can be stored in a freezer however, not many people know this but if the sea food is stored in the freezer for long, then it needs to be cooked at a certain temperature. 

If not cooked at a certain temperature, it ends up giving out a raw smell or at times even ends up getting spoiled.

To end up your struggle and juggle of the daily cooking and having the grasp of fresh ingredients, let’s find an easy and affordable way out!


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