What is the best way to eat Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms?

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms may be ingested in a variety of ways, much like many other magic mushroom species and strains. GT magic mushrooms may be consumed in 4 different ways:

  • Chew and swallow.
  • Psilocybin edibles
  • In the form of tea
  • The magic mushroom capsule

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Golden Teacher- Get Complete Details Here About It

Golden teacher shrooms exceptionally generate the sensation of illumination and subterranean bond to the environment.

Many people across the world use the Golden teacher as a tool to restore both brainpower and strength.

Ultimately this mushroom produces hallucinogenic effects, a feature that is discovered in almost all magic mushrooms.

The term “Golden teacher” is derived from the capability of magic mushrooms to edify through providing fresh psychedelic knowledge and transcendence.

Buy the good quality shrooms for sale online-

You can buy Golden teacher online. Those individuals who are new into the world of shrooms and psychedelics can count on it for a dependable excursion with fewer chances of having an unfortunate excursion.

They often are gateway mushrooms for newer.

The shrooms are praised for their shamanic and divine effects.  Hence, these shrooms aren’t for casual tripping. Those can be made in used for getting new insight regarding yourself and the world overall.

You can order those at the best online dispensary that holds a good record of supplying superlative quality shrooms and at an affordable cost.

Golden teacher- What are they?

Golden teacher shrooms are psychedelic mushrooms that are known worldwide and used by a large number of users throughout the world.

They are praised for their capability to the produced peaceful and pleasant excursions.

These mushrooms have become a favorite variety for many in the world of magic mushrooms.

Also with the growing popularity of these, growing kits are available that the users can shop online so they can harvest these magic shrooms in their homes by own.

The potency of the shrooms-

Golden teacher shrooms are gently potent. They provide moderate excursion so they are considered by most to be gateway mushrooms.

Similar to all types into the family of psilocybe cubensis, their potency is not the strongest or weakest of all the magic shrooms.

Effects of the shrooms-

These shrooms cause gentle psychedelic excursions. Some common things a person may experience at the time of using this shroom variety are:

  1. Visual distortions
  2. Appreciation of music and art
  3. Decreased level of stress
  4. Enhanced creativity
  5. Sense of general delight
  6. Surge of powerful emotions
  7. Hallucinations when eyes are closed or opened
  8. Spiritual sensations

And many more

Today this shroom variety has become one of the most sought-after varieties for the shamanic effects because they cause users to have the sensation of free-thinking and religiously powerful.

A few neutral effects of these shrooms may result in changes in how you observe light, loss of sense of time, and so forth.

There is a likelihood that consuming this shroom variety will cause some small negative effects like:

  1. Problems in coordinating the movements
  2. Headache
  3. Dizziness
  4. Restlessness
  5. Problems in focusing

And many more

The 4 primary stages that a person will go through when taking these shrooms are:

  1. Ingestion
  2. The beginning of the excursion
  3. The expedition
  4. The disappointment

How you consume it and how big the dosage of the shroom you take will say aloud the length of all these phases.

The advantages of using the shrooms-

Consuming psilocybin shrooms can promote many favorable advantages. Such favorable advantages include the following:

  1. Self-forgiveness
  2. Decreased stress level
  3. Improvised mood
  4. Enhanced memory
  5. Emotional stability

Through this shroom are not recommended in the present time for curing medical issues, they have been made in use by those who experience problems like:

  1. OCD
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety

And several other kinds of mental health issues

Many studies have been conducted in which the human body has been tested to determine how it responds to the shrooms when consumed to decrease the anxiety level or any depressed moods.

Also, some scientists have started researching how psilocybin shrooms can be made in used to cure cluster headaches as well as addiction.

Also, a study done has reported that t Golden teacher can be used to help to treat alcoholism.

Directions to take psilocybin shrooms-

Golden teacher shrooms can be eaten or taken in micro doses or into the tea.

To take it into tea, you want to begin by boiling 1½ or 2 cups of water. After the water boils, lessen it down to simmer and add the shrooms into and let them get steeped into the simmering water for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Now strain the tea and you can boil it once again and add the much love tea bag to make better the flavour or just drink the tea without adding any teabag. Once drunk the tea, the onset of the excursion will usually come within 20 minutes. Conversely, if you consume psilocybin shrooms by eating them, your excursion will take a bit more than 60 minutes after the intake to begin.

About the dosage of the shrooms-

There are several ways that you can go about consuming psilocybin shrooms dose. The simplest method of taking it is eating them overall. It just needs you to have a gram to get a good expedition.

With that been spoken, some people will need to take more or less to have a successful trip and that is something which depends on each persons’ body weight as well as physiological aspects.

The dosage calculators are there found online which helps to create a more perfect dose.

If you would like to take this shroom by making tea, you will want to use 5 grams of shrooms for each cup of water.

The other option is micro-dosing which is a bit complicated. To begin, you can take a microdose of 0.1-0.25 grams. With that being said, everyone’s acceptance is a bit different. The main thing is, to begin with, a small dose. Thus, the name is micro-dosing.


Psilocybin shrooms or golden teacher shrooms are hallucinogenic shrooms that are popular throughout the planet.  They are greatly praised for shamanic effects and their capability to generate an excursion that enlightens the senses. Also, they are good for both new as well as experienced users. The best thing is they rarely generate bad excursions. Hence, they are a good option to shop.

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