What Should You Look for in a Delta-8 THC Tincture Formula?

Delta-8 THC is one of the great success stories of the recent cannabinoid revolution. For decades, the only product available to most people was marijuana flower, and they had to purchase it on the black market. However, dozens of states now have MMJ programs, while more than one-third allow recreational weed. The CBD industry is also thriving, boosted by the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the growth of industrial hemp in the United States.

Next came the ‘minor’ cannabinoid market, which is what D8 is part of. The substance is now federally legal if it comes from hemp and contains a maximum delta-9 THC content of 0.3%. This niche industry has experienced rapid growth in the last year or so, with products such as vape liquid and gummies proving popular. However, individuals who want to experience the effects of the cannabinoid without eating candy or vaping prefer a delta-8 tincture.

Use it as you would CBD oil; place a few drops beneath your tongue, hold them there for 60-90 seconds, and then swallow. Unlike its CBD equivalent, a delta-8 tincture offers an intoxicating high. Like CBD oils, there are plenty of low-quality products on the marketplace. This article outlines how to differentiate the good from the bad.

1 – Ingredients

Many people prefer a delta-8 tincture over gummies because there are fewer ingredients. Even the best D8 gummies may contain artificial coloring and flavors. Since you consume them in small amounts, it shouldn’t prove problematic from a health perspective. However, some people want to remove sugar and artificial products from their diet, which is fair enough.

Unfortunately, some brands include artificial flavors and coloring in their delta-8 tincture products too! What you want is a product with as few ingredients as possible. Ideally, a tincture should contain hemp extract, possibly hemp distillate, a carrier oil such as MCT oil, and natural flavoring. Otherwise, you might as well eat delta-8 gummies instead!

Avoid any delta-8 tincture that has an ingredients list that’s longer than your arm!

2 – Delta-8 Concentration

This should be obvious, but we’ll include it anyway since plenty of brands try to hoodwink consumers. As far as a delta-8 tincture is concerned, its concentration refers to the amount of D8 per ml of liquid. In percentage terms, you should get at least 2%, which is the equivalent of 600mg in 30 ml of liquid. In simpler terms, ensure there is a minimum of 20mg of D8 per ml. Obviously, a higher amount is better!

High-quality products such as the 1000mg delta-8 tincture and 200mg CBG oil sold by Premium Jane (https://premiumjane.com/delta-8/tincture-delta-8-1000mg/) include other cannabinoids. In this case, the tincture contains 200mg of Cannabigerol (CBG) along with 1000mg of delta-8. For the record, CBG is linked with an array of health benefits, including reducing inflammation, boosting your appetite, and supporting some of the body’s functions for optimal health.

Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid, so you receive 33.33mg of delta-8 and 6.66mg of CBG per ml. This equates to a total of 40mg of cannabinoids per ml, which represents excellent value for money.

3 – Lab Reports & Brand Reputation

These two factors tend to come hand-in-hand. In our experience, reputable brands always include updated third-party lab reports with every batch of delta-8 tinctures. Also known as certificates of analysis (COAs), these reports outline the product’s cannabinoid concentration.

If you take Premium Jane’s delta-8 and CBG tincture as an example, there are no fewer than eight separate lab reports on the product page! Given the brand’s reputation for excellence, this is hardly a surprise.

If a brand doesn’t offer third-party lab reports with its delta-8 tincture range, steer clear. Without this information, you cannot know what’s inside the product.

What to Look for in a D8 Tincture: Final Thoughts

Before you buy a delta-8 tincture online, please ensure that it has a relatively short ingredient list. Also, it should contain a reasonable concentration of D8 per ml, and if there are additional cannabinoids, that’s a bonus. Finally, don’t spend a cent until you see the product’s third-party lab reports.

Following these basic tips should ensure that you purchase a high-quality delta-8 tincture that provides a relaxing and enjoyable high. 

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