What Would Happen If Bollywood Actors Starred In Hollywood Hits!

Every time I watch a Hollywood flick, I think to myself what it’d be like if our very own Bollywood actors were cast in the leading roles. I mean they have the looks, talent and can easily pull off pretty much any role. But barring a handful, not too many have been able to crack the Hollywood code. Even Priyanka is yet to play the leading lady in a big-ticket Hollywood movie. While we wait for the world to stand up and take notice of our talented Bollywood lot, we’ve recreated posters of some of our favorite firangi movies with a desi (photoshop) twist. Check ém out.

1. The Twilight is already waaaaayy too Bollywood. And these three totally look the part.

2. Because these three beauties have looks that can kill and they can also kick some serious butt.

3. This ensemble cast has a kickass comic timing. Plus seeing them together in a Hollywood movie will be a ‘welcome’ change (gettit?)

4. Because they truly are the reel and real life star-crossed lovers of Bollywood.

5. Who else can play this hauntingly beautiful role than the mysterious beauty herself?

6.Because the leggy lass will totally slay in this role

7.The masculine Akshay Kumar with his intense acting is fit for this macho role.

8. Only a seriously good actor like Irrfan can bring this thrilling role to life.

9.While Sallu with his physique is the obvious choice, it will be interesting to see the rest of the cast together for the first time.

10. B-town’s hottest couple will be perfect for this movie (and maybe then we’ll start calling them Randeepika like Brangelina)

11. Because Duggu shares an uncanny resemblance with Brad. And let’s just say this will be a very ‘interesting’ pairing (for obvious reasons)

12. We have no trouble imagining these three together in this movie.

13.Don’t you think this Befikre pair will do justice to this bold movie?

How do you feel about these cross-overs? Do let us know in the comments below.

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