When ‘Game Of Thrones’ Met Bollywood!


There’s drama. There’s emotion. There’s action, unexpected twists and a gripping storyline when it comes to the most watched TV Series of all time – Game of Thrones. GoT has earned a fan base and audience across borders, languages and culture. All of us have spend hours binge watching the Lannisters, Starks, Targaryens, Baratheon and other families eyeing and fighting a no-mercy, no quarters game for the Iron throne. But what if this battle was fought by the Bollywood actors instead of the regular cast!


Here’s what would happen if Game Of Thrones met Bollywood…

1. Arjun Rampal would be the perfect fit for the charming character of Jamie Lannister, We incest. Sorry, insist! 

2. Can Hritik charm Khaleesi with his Greek God like looks playing Daario Naharis? We think so…

3. Shraddha Kapoor as the elder Stark sister – Yay or Nay? You decide…

4. Would Alia be able to raise a dragon like Khalessi has? 

5. Shahid Kapoor with his looks and acting skills could do a good job as Ned Stark’s illegitimate son – Jon Snow. 

6. Deepika would look as beautiful as ever playing the role of Margaery Tyrell

7. John Abraham’s physique and raw looks could make him the apt cast for the powerful Khal Drogo in this Bollywood remake.

8. Dimple as the graceful Catelyn Stark? Or would you recommend somebody else? 


9. Manoj Vajpayee could bring life to the probably the shrewdest and most cunning character in Game Of Thrones – Petyr Baelish.

10. Rishi Kapoor can bring life to the role of the mysterious Master of Whisperers – Lord Varys!

11. The blue eyed beauty definitely makes the cut for the role of the Lannister queen – Cersei. Besides, the audience would be waiting for the ‘Walk of Atonement’ episode 😀

12. Having already made her Hollywood debut, the former Miss World could easily make Jon Snow break his vows and teach him a thing. Priyanka as Ygritte. 

13. Nargis as Tyrion’s love interest. What say? 

14. Rekha as the Red Woman…

15. Aditya Roy Kapoor as the young and dashing but unfortunate Stark brother…

16. Well if you wondered why you haven’t found who would play the role of the witty and courageous Tyrion, here’s the straight-forward reason…

Do you have any more suggestions for the Bollywood remake of Game Of Thrones? Do comment below!

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