When Game of Thrones Met Brands


What would have happened if modern day brands existed in the world of Game Of Thrones? Well, it would have made way for some great ads!


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We combined a few characters and scenes from Game Of Thrones with the advertising messages of popular brands to create a few ads. Here we go…

1. If Jamie and Cersei became the brand ambassadors of Shaadi.com


2. If Durex decided to use Tyrion Lannister for another quirky advertisement


3. All men must die so Insurance is the need of the hour



4. This click would have certainly made it to the nominations for the Pulitzer Prize


5. With so much advertising, how could PeTA remain out of the picture


6. Relax, It’s FedEx! 


7. The Lannisters would have certainly booked the flight


Hope you enjoyed these Game of Thrones Ads. Do let us know your sections in the comments below!

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