When Superheroes Started Using Modern Apps

It’s not even been a decade since smartphones came into our lives and apps have become an important part of our lives. Whether its ordering food, booking a movie ticket, calling for a cab, selling old stuff or shopping, we just cannot do it without using our smartphone and apps.

What would happen if our favorite superheroes used these popular apps. ScrollDroll gives you a glimpse, in collaboration with 9APPS

1. Spiderman’s would give a sigh of relief with Urban Clap

2. Hulk would definitely need practo to control his volcanic anger and its aftermath

3. Superman would definitely find some unique underwear providers on OLX

4. Thor’s could finally have a happy hair day with Just Dial

5. Superwoman would be stalked, stalked and stalked on Facebook

6. Batman and his Justice League

7. Deadpool & Cabs…

8. And twitter would have been great fun Captain America & Tony Stark

How do you think your favorite superhero would have used smartphone apps? Do give us your creative ideas in the comments below.

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