This Is What Happened When We Reimagined These Legendary Bollywood Scenes With Modern-Day Apps

We all love our Bollywood films and what are they without these epic scenes and dialogues. But we in an association with 9Apps, re-imagined what would it be like if the characters went digital and used our favorite apps. And the results …

1. Raj and Simran got united by Ministry of Railways

2. Anarkali and Saleem fell under the click-bait radar

3. Anand’s words would have always remained with his BabuMoshai

4. Stalking Kiran would have been a cakewalk for Rahul

5. Baba ji may not have added any more excitement into that night!

6. Instead of shouting on top of his voice, Gabbar could have just typed!

7. Vijay could have just found the money in his digital wallet!

8. And Govind could have kept a count of all the tareekhs!


We could go on and on.. Tell us what are the outcomes,  when an app also starred in some of your favorite scenes!


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