Why the Indian Gaming Industry is the Next Big Thing

Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the slew of lockdowns and restrictions keeping people at home, the Indian gaming industry experienced exponential growth. More and more people began to use real-money gaming apps as well as betting sites and online casinos. The convenience and thrill of playing on apps that even allow people to earn a bit of extra cash proved irresistible to the Indian audiences. So, are Online Gaming and Real-Money Apps the next big thing in India?

Gambling or playing for money is nothing new in India, and with or without legalization, there has existed a huge market for sports betting and gambling in the country. Of course, up until recently, the market has been mostly dominated by the love for cricket betting and maybe a few card games like teen patti. However, there has been a recent shift in the gaming industry.

With up and coming skill-based games and betting apps, the Indian audiences have more options than ever before. Slowly, but surely, the Indian gaming industry is shedding the negative connotations of gambling. Responsible gaming is becoming more common, and celebrities like Virat Kohli can also be found advertising for such gaming brands. 

But what can this shift in attitude be attributed towards? Has the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be essential in the growth of the Indian gambling market? And what are other factors that have contributed to the same?

The Factors that helped in the Rise of Real-Money Gaming

Here are some of the key factors that have been responsible for the recent boom of the Indian gaming and betting industry.

Better and cheaper smartphones

Until a few years ago, smartphones were a luxury in India, with only the middle and upper class being able to afford really good smartphones with 2G and 3G networks. Today, even the most modest households have smartphones with 4G connections.

The cheaper yet feature-packed smartphones by companies such as Xiaomi have made it possible for everyone to have easier access to the many real-money gaming apps and betting sites that are swarming the market.

Readily available data packs

We can thank Ambani’s Reliance Jio for introducing faster 4G data packs that have now hooked the population of India to the internet. With competitively priced recharge bundles that offer free calls and as much as 1.5GB or 2GB data usage limits per day, it is easier to be online on our phones than ever before. 

With more time spent online, audiences are bound to come across the many betting sites in India that offer convenient ways of making some extra money!

Disposable income

Gone are the days when Indians only wanted to spend on their necessary expenses. Or rather, entertainment has become an increasingly necessary expenditure for an average Indian.  

With a better job culture overall, more and more people now have access to some disposable income every month. This, of course, was taken to greater heights during the pandemic and lockdown. Unable to venture out of the house, the youth turned to their mobile phones and the many gaming apps and sites available online!

Quick and easy digital payments

One of the most important part of gaming online is to deposit money and withdraw your winnings from real-money apps. And thanks to the pandemic as well as the rising popularity of sophisticated payment methods such as UPI and IMPS, making digital payments is a matter of seconds.

UPI apps and digital payment wallets like Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm, have really helped make it easy for users to quickly download and start using gaming apps.

Desire to make money online

It all comes down to money in the end. And that can be said for any market or industry. With real-money gaming and sports betting as well, the audiences simply want to make some money while also enjoying themselves.

New startups and skill-based gaming apps have opened up the industry, creating space for even more customers. But more than just that, the gaming industry has also managed to create employment opportunities for the Indian youth, who now have a new industry waiting to welcome their talents.

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