8 Reasons Why Your Dad Will Always Be Your Hero

From teaching us how to ride our first bike when we were kids to celebrating all of our life’s victories, our dads have always been our constant source of strength and support. Dads will always hold a special place in our hearts and they can never be replaced by anyone.

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Here are 8 reasons why our dads will always be our heroes.

1. Your dad was there guiding you through each step, from your school lessons to helping you learn how to ride a bike.


2. He was your first ever playmate


3. Every festival, Every birthday. Every occasion. He had something special for you.

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4. You cannot count the number of times he treated you to ice cream when mommy said no.

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5. He sponsored your every purchase with nothing but your love in return.

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6. He celebrated every success and stood by to support you through every hardship.

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7. He believed in you and made sure the world did too.

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8. He was and will always be your super hero!

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He is a guide, a counsellor, a person who’ll keep you in check and still manage to be your best friend. Fathers, we love them.

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