11 Widely Believed Things In India That Aren’t True


One misplaced observation can over time become a false ‘fact’. The fact becomes so widespread, it is often taught and propagated. These ideas take a deep-seated root in people’s mind and then take over people’s everyday conversations. We have here a list of things widely believed in India, which are absolutely untrue! So hold onto your hats cause we are going to debunk some of your closely held myths!

1. Nation can’t have folks!

2. Shahjahan did not cut hands of workers who built Taj  

Shahjahan did not cut hands of workers who built Taj  

3. Hockey isn’t India’s national sport

Hockey isn't India's national sport

4. Battle of Longewala saw only two Indians Killed

Battle of Longewal saw only two Indians killed 

5. Khardungla Pass isn’t the highest road 

Khardungla Pass isn't the highest road 

6. NASA isn’t as fond of Sanskrit 


 NASA isn't as fond of Sanskrit 

7. Indians in NASA are less than you think

Indians in NASA

8. India’s oldest city not the world’s

India's oldest city

9. Indian railways aren’t the largest employers

Indian railways aren't the largest employer

10. The dubious residency of Flipkart

residency of Flipkart

11. Prostitution is legal in India

Prostitution is legal in India

It’s important to challenge these myths, not just to set the record straight, but also because their existence can contribute to stigma and stereotypes and to misinformed public opinions.

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